38 Y/O in Need of Advice/Routine

Greetings, everyone. I’m a 38 year old lifter who ruptured my L4/L5 disc three years ago deadlifting. Since then, through experimentation I’ve found what I can and can’t do. Deadlifts, squats, B/O rows, military press and heavy leg press are all out.

I’ve found some substitutions like chest supported row and seated Arnold presses. The issue I have, though is trying to find a routine to help get back in shape. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

I recommend sticking to machines. Places like Planet Fitness offers circuit training with machines. Basically you work out on a machine say 45 seconds then the buzzer goes off and you rotate to another machine. Almost all these machines are seated exercises therefore it should provide you with the stability you need while getting in a good workout. Hope this helps!