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38, Tired and Frustrated


Does anyone have any experience with using tongkat ali? Supposedly it is supposed to stimulate the leydig cells similar to hcg and improve sperm quality and sperm production. Wondering if it has any legitimacy as HCG is supposed to be damn expensive and want to trigger the boys from shrinking anymore and crawling back up inside.


I went ahead and purchased some tongkat ali to try it out. I took some yesterday after work and immediately felt something with in 10 minutes but probably was a placebo effect. I felt energized right off but reason I believe it may have been placebo was it was so god awful tasting I think it just woke me up lol. I did have some dreams last night that I remembered and I don’t usually do that but not sure if it was actually from the tongkat. Unfortunately they were not good dreams and woke me up upset and a little anxiety but read for 20-30 min and was able to get back to sleep. This morning I doubled the dose just to see how I respond and feeling pretty good roughly 2 hours later, really awake and ready to go. Again too early for me to say it is actually from the tongkat though. I mostly am taking to see if my testicular atrophy diminishes and will report back on that aspect.