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38, Tired and Frustrated

I’m not blocking estrogen thanks though. I am also injecting daily.

Your responding to a post from 3 months ago.

Remember me? I had the same issue. Trt did nothing for four months until I started thyroid and within 1 hour I felt like a 25 yr old again.

Also estrogen will help you burn fat along with thyroid :slight_smile:

New labs came in after running 30mg daily sub q and 25mg levothyroxine.

Total test 1367 (264-917)
e2 44.3 (7.6-42.6)
TSH 4.160(0.450-4.500)
Free T3 3.5(2.0-4.4)
Free T4 1.04(0.82-1.77)

T4 came up from very bottom of range, T3 didn’t move and TSH dropped back below 5 where it was at. I know now I need to check rt3 as the levothyroxine did not seem to affect much especially free T3. I thought I was feeling a little different then before the thyroxine but that seems to have diminished but may just be because I am not happy with the labs. Doctor on the other hand is, so feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel a shit ton better than pre TRT but really think I can and should be feeling better than I do with 1367 TT.

The levothyroxine didn’t move your fT3 because it probably went to rT3 instead. No way can your thyroid hormones be optimal with TSH at 4.1.

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Dont know if my doc is going to follow that line though.

Go to stopthethyroidmadness website and be armed with info so he will treat you.

Body isnt converting t4 to t3. you want to take armour thyroid not this levo stuff. You will feel much better when thyroids optimized. switch docs you dont need to waste your time with this guy. shop around and speak to the nurses, read websites, and look at reviews.

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Been doing a little digging on rT3 and there does seem to be some things that point to insulin resistance could cause raised rT3. Unless I misunderstood some of the data I read. I was also reading into metformin to see if there is any data that shows it can lower rT3 since that is used to treat insulin resistance. The only thing I could find is that metformin does seem to lower TSH with patients treated for hypothyroidism but what else seemed to be affected wasn’t clear. They had no explanation why it did and made it seem as they were only looking at TSH and that was all.

My last blood glucose test did have me at the top or the range last year so possibly becoming or am insulin resistant. It was 100 which is right at the bottom of the range for pre-diabetes. I want to be able to treat the high rT3 if that is my issue, and resolve it if possible, so the whole point of this rambling post is do you guys think that metformin may help with my thyroid?

There’s a few folks on metformin here. I’ll be one of them soon but @hrdlvn may have some insight on this

I was hoping so, just wasn’t sure how much those on it, had thyroid issues to go along with it. Everyone I have seen post post about metformin have just been for the other benefits it seems.

It’s one of the most studied drugs in the world. Have you tried pubmed?

No I was only googling to see what tests and articles would pop up. I will look into pubmed.

Any studies you find behind pay walls copy the article and go to sci-hub.tw and you’ll be able to view them

My thyroid number couldn’t be better so I have no data if metformin helps there. I have been on metformin for just about a year now and I have 4 blood test and hundreds of finger stick reading so I plan to go off when my bottle runs out. I want to see if anything changes. As for body composition or any kind of feeling better I have noticed nothing. My A1C before metformin was 5.3 so I am not even close to pre dibetic there but my daily blood sugar is alway ~100 for 80% of my day and I have that predawn thing where my BS is 130 when I first wake,

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I have an a1c that is always 5.1 or 5.3 for the past 2 years. I started metformin 500mg 2x daily 1 year ago and nothing seems to have changed.

My morning fasting glucose is always 100-115 when tested at the doctor. My regular doctor says no way do you have diabetes, and Defy tells me my a1c is great but the fasting glucose isn’t ideal. Just yesterday I had an appt with Defy and he briefly mentioned the morning rise but I didn’t ask more about it at the time. Do you know more about this dawn thing?

You can google the dawn effect Basicly the term used to describe an abnormal early-morning increase in blood sugar (glucose) — usually between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

We seem to be doing about the same thing and getting the same results. I am planning to stop taking the metformin and see if anything changes.

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Just a little update on my thread. I had heard some say that IM could get levels higher than sub q, my doc also believed that. Never seen any proof though or anyone experience it, but my experience did end up with a interesting result. When I first moved to injections I started with 30mg daily sub and after labs was somewhere over 1300 ng/dl. Doctor wanted me to drop to 25 mg daily. At that time decided I wanted to see if I felt any different with IM and was curious if any truth to different levels between the two methods so moved to daily shallow IM. Just had labs done and I am at 1429 ng/dl. Felt no different between the two methods but even lowering dosage my levels went higher on shallow IM. Thought that was interesting result and thought I would share.

On another note I was able to start 5mg cialis daily to see how that would work for me. Unfortunately I am in that 8% that gets heartburn from it, even at 5mg. Got me some generic pepcid or xantec to see if it would help but only helped a little yesterday. Thinking I might cut the pill in half for a little bit and maybe titrate up if that works, later. Holy shit that was bad heartburn though, bad enough woke me up in the middle of the night and had to munch on some tums.

Only 8% get heartburn? That sucks I am also one of them when taking 5mg. I got some
Omeprazole from Costco that fixed it. At the same time, I stopped the cialis for a few day. I started taking 1/2 tab for a week, then alternating days 1/2 and 3/4 for a week, then 3/4 for a week, then finally 1 full tablet every day. The gradual taper seemed to help. I have no idea if the omprazole or the taper is what changed things for me. I have noticed that carb heavy snacks are what makes the heartburn start for me. If I can avoid junk food carbs then I pretty much rarely have heartburn anymore.

Yeah thats what I have read. Wouldn’t suprise me if more suffer from it. Seems to be better today, started on the xantec and skipped yesterday’s dose. Only took half today so hopefully I can just titrate up later.