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38 Inch Running Vert, Dunks, Training Mix


sup everyone

HD version:

regular version:

on my peak jumps i can get ~38" on my running vert.. i'm averaging ~35-36" easy on dunks now.. i put together a little mix with some dunks & some bernard hopkins quotes.

so 27" to 38" from august 2007 (age=25) to may 31 2009 (age=26.75).. hitting 40" by august 2009 should be a reality.. i failed to hit my goal of 40" by june 1, so that sucks, but i did PR twice in may, so it's not all bad... two inches down my wrist is so bruise from slamming it down so hard into the rim, it used to be my finger that would hurt, then palm, now wrist.. would definitely be more fun to bruise my head on the rim, thats the ultimate goal.

check the site out in the intro of the vid too..

positive/negative comments are welcome :wink:



that's some gangster shit


Sick jumps man, you'll hit 40" for sure!


great job! this is a very interesting story to me as my major goal is increasing my vertical jump. I was j.w about some of ur stats such as height/standing reach/vertical from stand still/max parallel squat and if u focus more on strength or plyo or u just combine it all in ur workouts?


thanks alot man..

6'1 in shoes, single arm is 96" by measuring tape, 96.5" by the vertec i had at work... fully stretched out on the reach.

vertical from stand is probably around ~25-27" right now.. my standing vert is pretty crappy but I don't care.. I rarely ever do them, don't enjoy them for some reason.. so I have a 10-13" difference between standing and running.. my standing vert has barely gone up in the last 2 years, but my running vert has gone up 11".. I attribute this mostly to lack of performing the movement. I want to eventually end up like stefan holm, 24" standing vert, near 50" running vert.. hahaha.

max parallel squat is probably around 315, I weigh 164.. i'm going above parallel from now on, easier on my hips.. I've been going above parallel for the last 2 months and my jumping has gotten consistently better with 2 pr's.

i definitely focus more on strength.. some people call me "the plyo king" since they think I do so many plyos.. but the majority of my training is heavy (relative to me) lifting.. i go into plyo phases, work them for a good 2-4 weeks, then back off for a few months.. the majority of my training is heavy squatting, heavy lunges, stiff leg ankle hops, and max effort jumps.

if im not doing plyos, im still doing max effort jumps/dunks & stiff leg ankle hops.. other jumps I utilize are single leg box jumps, broad jumps, and barbell jump squats.

peace man, achieve your goals!


no prob. that's crazy how i got u beat by about 5 inches on a stand-still and then u beat me by close to 5 from a run-up lol but i think that's more from how we train (play lots of b-ball where i jump up from a stand-still for blocks/rbs). You've def. got a great base of strength which is what i'm currently focusing on bringing up and the stronger i get the higher i'm jumping. Your training seems alot like mine except i throw in some sprints every once in awhile and starting a few months ago i've been using the glute-ham raise which was a big help, if u haven't tried it i highly recommend it!


sweet vid man, your definaetly on the right path to hit whatever you want!
Those words sound so familiar in your video, who are they from?


Good vid.. have you seen Frank Yang's vids, that kid is not human.


That's a nice video.


thanks alot man..

those words are from the great bernard hopkins.. he's gone from the gutter to the top, and he's in his 40's still beating young champion boxers.. insane work ethic.



ya that is pretty funny.. haha..

i don't like ghr's personally for my own training.. i prefer reverse hypers (if i still had access to one) and iso extension on 45 degree back raise.. i actually have a sorinex poor mans' glute man, but it rips my hamstring tendons off the bone.. so i smartened up and stopped trying to do it haha..

a person I trained went from not being able to go down on the PMGHR, to being able to do 10 down and up unassisted (no push off).. definitely improved his speed bigtime..

peace man


funny you mention that.. frank yang is basically the person who got me into vert training.. i was still trying to box through some major knuckle injuries, when i saw his 40" vert vid and said "i want to do that", i then realized i want to do 45" off a run, could care less about standing..

but frank yang is the man and definitely inspired me to persue vert.. i'm on his facebook, he has nice nuclear fallout victim poop sculptures now.