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38 - How to Increase my Testosterone?


I started working out about a year and half ago. Eat good healthy meals frequently, take your usual supplements. I take protein, NO, and recovery as part of my daily preocess. I cant seem to get the results I am looking for. I been told at my age that it is normal to have to use a T-booster to gain more muscle and definition. Can someone give me some sound advise on the best, safest product that will get me closer to increase strength and definition?


When is the last time you had any blood work done?


As Ben pointed out, You need to have proper evaluation through blood work to confirm if you are low or not. Do not try to boost testosterone through prohormones as it will only result in you crashing hard because you are still a newbie. Despite what claims say they are more dangerous then steroids because it takes 13-30 conversions in the liver to get to the proper end results.


Agree 100% with above. Don't take PH, they are bad news. Do NOT assume something must be safe because it's legal. It's only legal because FDA doesn't really have the teeth to regulate it. You can boost testosterone naturally to some extent with lifestyle changes, but if you think you may be low you should see a doc and get bloodwork (see the stickies.)

Injectable testosterone is definitely the safest, most effective product out there. Training goals should not be the primary factor, however. TRT is about quality-of-life improvement and your overall health. Body composition changes are just a bonus. This is a serious and generally lifelong commitment, but if you honestly evaluate your situation and decide that you need it, you won't regret it.

Find an open-minded doc and get some labs done, then go from there.


Thanks for all your feedback. I will call around and get my blood work done and seek the open-minded Doc. I understand that this is all a learning process and your experience and honesty is appreciated.