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38 and New to TNation


Just wanted to say hi. Been lurking here just for a little bit and thought I should finally introduce myself. Like the subject line say's, I'm 38 and have been working out for about 9 months now.

I've been doing the p90x dvd' s. Slam away if you wish :). But thats what's working for me right now. Although I'd really like a power rack or cage. My goal is to get bigger and some definition. Not looking to be ripped.


ouve only been training for 9 months, is that "back at some type of training" or first time EVER ?

I wont bash, since thats what got me moving in the right direction (P90x), but the legs/back vid will hardly give you enough leg work. Unless you are ok with being top heavy, or naturally have huge legs.

Just my 2 cents


Welcome! What ever gets you going, can't bash P90x it's a good place to start and works pretty well as long as you do it.
So what's your plan? What are you goals?


Welcome, Kyle!


Nice ass, Kyle.


I joined a gym for a while after high school, but I'm having more success sticking with it now that I dont have to go to a gym. I'm seeing some result, which is keeping me going.

Thanks for the advice on the legs, I've got chicken legs as it is. Thats one of the main reason I want to get a cage or a rack, so I can do squats & bench safely by myself. Plus I'm getting tired of Dreya Weber on those dvd' s.

My goals are to add size with some definition. I'm not looking to get shredded. I'd like to be one of those guy's that when they take their shirt off, the lady's think his wife is one lucky lady. Best way to put it I guess.


Welcome....Hmmmmmmm, interesting avatar.


Do you think it's kylie rather than kyle ??


Careful, Dog, you're a married man!


Hold It!!!!! Pretty sure where talking about a guy here.


Welcome Kyle


You think the avatar is a guy??????

EDIT: Sorry, Bulldog, I'm making stupid jokes. Gotta fix that.