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38 and Need to Gain Strength Fast

I’ve been out of the gym for a while. Like 4 years. I moved to a small town that has no gym at all. No weight room at the highschool either. Wtf right? Well, I need to Rocky IV this thing. I’m still strong and my base is solid, but I want to get as much strength back as fdfdast as possible with no free weights or machines. I just feel weak. Need some help here.received_22219989511589121013172334

Starting Strength is the most optimaled.

I have bought most of my equipment at thrift stores and garage sales. Not sure about the Rocky part tho😫
There is bound to be a feed store in a small town. 50lb bags of feed, big tires, sand bags, rocks, car parts/ battries Natural Iight 30 packs. The possiblities are endless.

Get a copy of Jailhouse strong by Josh bryant.

Obviously perfect world get a barbell and a few plates.

As a minimum get something like TRX straps/blast straps and some bands…


You hard up for $ or space? Other wise invest in some weights or something. A barbell and plates can be gotten on the cheap.

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Why is speed of the essence? It’s this type of mindset that will probably lead you to jump straight into the weights you were pushing 4 years ago, get frustrated, than end up hurting yourself. Chill out cowboy.