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I know I know, not the big 3 but still impressive nonetheless. I played football with this fella back in high school and he is a total stud. And he has a sick nasty mullet to boot


Not to shabby... im guessing he's playing ball in college?



Jesus christ, power cleans are fucking stupid.




Because they teach you to decelerate and slow down explosive movement. When the bar get racked, your body instantly decelerates. If it didn't, the bar would go flying over your head... which would actually be a much better exercise for explosiveness because there is no deceleration.

I am assuming this is a football team testing cleans. Although his form is pretty good, better than most football players anyway, there is literally zero transfer to sport in this case. Which is all that matters for an athlete.

If you think I am wrong then answer this:

If the clean is such an important aspect of sports training and has such a great carryover to explosiveness in team sports, why don't they test it at the NFL combine?


Actually, more importantly, why the fuck is this in the powerlifting section?


To me, it doesn't seem like deceleration occurs at the top, rather the athlete accelerates the weight just long enough to get under the bar.

You decelerate the bar at the turnaround of a squat or any exercise, should athletes stop doing exercises with an eccentric component? Deceleration is as important in sport as acceleration, if not more, so training it is necessary for performance and injury prevention.

Also, the combine is well-known for having stupid tests...repping 225 for a max? Give me a break


Totally agree about the combine. Also about eccentrics and deceleration being important in sport. I feel those 2 aspects arent trained enough and that is why there are about 50 million pulled hamstrings in every sport every year.

If the athlete wasnt decelerating the weight, they would just be letting go of the bar. There would be no reason to drop and catch because the bar would be out of the athletes control after the second pull phase. With a power clean, the athlete remains in control of the bar and does drop and catch only after they have slowed the bar enough to rack it. If the athlete did not slow the bar and attmept to catch it, their teeth and brains would be all over the floor.

I'm just trying to say if the means are available, like plyo boxes and medicine balls, there are about a million different exercises that make more sense than a power clean when developing explosiveness.


Maybe it is the large amount of added weight that the cleans are able to add? With the exception of a few extra pounds added on my a vest or some such contraption you are fairly limited with the amount of weight you can add.


Yessir, he is the starting tackle for Tulsa.


I'm far from being any sort of expert nor do I have much experience with field sports, but in most sports where you run around isn't deceleration crucial for things like slowing while running to turn on a dime among other motions?


You are right. But the deceleration in sport does not occur at the top of a jump, like when someone powercleans. It happens laterally, linearlly, and upon landing. If the type of deceleration took place in sport that occurs during a power clean, sports would be very boring. An offensive lineman would fire out, generate just enough force to make contact, not actually block anyone but just put their hands on them, and then just stop and stand there... which i guess happens a lot in football anyway. Probably because of too many powecleans.


I think the Powerclean is a very good tool for Linemen. It mimics the motion right after the snap and when you make first contact- very important. We train Linemen with Powercleans and Plyo Jumps and sprints.

All in all it is just another exercise to do to build strength and coordination together. Build athleticism under stress so to speak.


I do agree with the question why is this in the powerlifting section.

As far as the combine, fuck what your numbers are, give me film. If I am looking at 2 players who look equally good on film, I MAY check out their numbers to help with a decision, but I think its gotta be all about film.

As far as the power clean. Power Cleans(the Olympic way), are not a very good exercise for football, or any sport for that matter. The thought that they are a good exercise stems from the idea that they are an explosive movement. But what happens in the sport of Olympic lifting, and in the video of the football player, the goal becomes to lift the most amount of weight one time. This hardly ever happens in sport. Also, in the goal of lifting the most amount of weight, it becomes about getting under the bar so you never really get to true hip and even triple extension (hip, knee, ankle), which is the most beneficial part to the athlete.

I train athletes, and the way we use the clean is from a hang position. This is especially beneficial to football players. We also catch in a high power position, or 1/4 squat position. We teach first to load the hips, and then snap them through with a jump and shrug movement. As the bar begins to travel up, we shoot the elbows and catch the bar high the front of our shoulders with a slight knee bend in the athletic position (1/4 squat position). The reason this is beneficial is because, if done properly, the athlete is able to get to a true full triple extension (very similar to a football player who is tackling or a volleyball player jumping). We teach to catch high in the 1/4 squat or athletic position because it is a position that can be seen in almost any sport (linebacker in football, infielder in baseball, basketball player on defense, etc). Catching high up also teaches the body to decelerate a load. This is extremely beneficial for collision sports where people run full speed at one another and hit each other, we expect them to give a hit but we also need to teach them and expect them to take a load coming at them full speed as well.

What I'm trying to say is the true power clean the Olympic way is definitely not the best for football or sports in general. Unless that sport is Olympic weight lifting. It is however, not the worst exercise in the world because it is a complex motor task and anytime you teach an athlete a complex motor task it makes them better by simply having to learn and execute a new movement and be consistent with it. The Clean from the Hang caught in a Power position is, in my opinion, the best exercise for athletes because it allows them to get to true triple extension and learn to decelerate a load.


x50 million. There was actually a study I read a while ago how hang cleans and especially hang snatches have a much bigger correlation/carryover to on field explosiveness than a traditional power clean... which had none.


I've seen vids of Defranco's athletes using a trap bar to load up a jump, give you a bit more options with regards to weight.