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370 Stone Video


This came on an awesome PR day last week.

I dominated 300 farmers, then set a PR on the 925 tire flip for 10, then did a couple series of stones of 260/280/310/330 and capped off the last series a minute later with a 370 stone. I got called out and felt good so I stepped up.

I'll try to get the farmers video up too.


Good shit man. You got it up quite fast.

How old are you? You look quite a bit younger than I had expected. I assume it's nice to have good training partners like Kevin Nee haha.



Very nice! grats.. :smiley:


Okay, it's time for a T-Nation Strong Man face between you and Brad Cardoza.


.....and great job!

By the way how much can you do for one rep in the Deadlift?

I'm curious as to how that lift carries over to stone lifting.


Matgic, I'm almost 25, turn next month. It's great having Kevin to train with, he is very motivating and trying to catch up to his freaky level of strength is fun.

ZEB, I'm not quite at Cardoza's insane strongman ability yet, but give me a year and I think I will be right there. I've done a 605 deadlift but feel I was good for 625-635 because the 605 came up extremely fast.


That's pretty cool. Congrats.

Between this forum and a few of the boys up here you have pushed me over the edge.

As soon as the snow clears, I am getting a tire and some farmer's walk implements, and will order a log before summer ends.

The neighbors are gonna love it!


Thanks for the response.

How much do you Row. And do you T-Bar row?


I don't do barbell rows. I know that T-bar row devices can vary greatly, but the one I use I will do sets of 5-8 with four 45's.

Dumbbell rows I can go up to 150's for sets of 10, that's the heaviest they have at my gym. These are done with a little cheat, but not much. When I do them super strict I only feel my biceps working.


What a pud! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the motivation. Impressive.

I was going to call brokeback on the chest bump, but after seeing Matgic's post and realizing it was indeed Nee (just dont expect to see that :slight_smile: then I will allow the chest bump.

Look forward to the farmers video. Keep it up.



Good luck in the future man!


Sweet chest bump!

Nah seriously, sweet fuckin lift.

In the beginning of the lift, your back was very curved, it this OK form for lifting stones?


You almost have to round your back when doing stones, there is really no other way to do it.



Got any more videos?


Exactly, and when you get to that big of a stone (21" diameter) and it's a max effort, picture perfect spine isn't possible. I think it was a little more rounded than usual, but I'm not too worried about it.


Interesting. Thanks. Again, you're a fuckin tank.



Nice job Machine.


solid scott.
jeez, how much are you weighing nowdays?


Awesome stone Scott.What's the height on the platform.I know it's higher than 48".I've been at a comp with K.Nee competing also the kid diffently knows how to get the intensity flowing.Looks like you have alot left in the tank the way the 370 went up.Great job,man


big mike, i'm 235.

It's a 52" platform. The 48" is two boxes down. The other three guys that loaded it that day did it to the 44", although Breck cleared it by a good 4".

I think I could do a 400 to a 48", just need to get one made with my new mold.

Thanks a lot for the compliments guys.