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37 YO Needs some Feedback


37 y.o.
5' 7
166 pounds
Been training for a year
Doin' multivit & Omega 3-6-9
What do I need to work on and what looks good so far
Thanks and let me know what you think

Monday: Bis-Back-Abs
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Chest-Tris
Thursday: Shoulders-Traps-Abs
Friday: Bis-Back
Saturday: off

Protein Shake 60gr
P.B. whole wheat sandwich

9:30 am
4 Egg white, 1 turkey breast slice omelette
10 oz O.J.
11 oz pack low sugar Instant oatmeal w/ milk
1 cup pineapple or watermelon

1:30 pm
Chicken Breast or can of tuna
1 cup of brown rice
Carrots and Broccoli

4:30pm pre- w.o.
VPX Stealth Shake
Jack3d serving w/ 16oz water

7:00pm post- w.o.
VPX Stealth Shake w/16 oz milk

Same as lunch or might switch it up with steak, lean turkey


You dont train your triceps?


On Chest day I do 4 sets Decline EZ Bar Tricep Extension
3 sets Rope Pushdown
3 sets Rope Overhead Extensions


Do you have goals?


Goal: 12-15 lbs lean mass gain