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37 Year Old Male Low T Advice Please Before Therapy


Good evening everyone. As stated I am a 37 year old male, 6'1" 180, with a high level of fitness. Three weeks ago I had my urologist check my T levels, 318 ng/ml. Five years ago it was 340 ng/ml. Probably should have done something about it then, but the my doctor said it was normally. Last week lab results came back in for LH,FSH, and Prolactin. All levels were fine except for prolactin 19.0 ng/ml. While not alarmingly high, anything over 15 in males is consider hyperprolactienma.

Tomorrow I am having an MRI to scan my pituitary. My urologist and I have have discussed the benefits and risks of replacement therapy and have decided to start. He is leaving town tomorrow and mentioned that he is flexed with therapy and is willingly to try different forms of t that might work best for me. I had mentioned Sustanon and he thought that would be fine. What amazes me is that these doctors know very little about the many forms of test, seems like they just know about testosterone cyapionate. Okay a couple of questions, but first a little general information.

My current fitness level is super, I run 45-55 miles per week average pace of 7.5 mph. I do not lift weigths, have always wanted to , but have never been successfully building muscle. My wife builds muscle quicker than me. My diet is very clean. Sex drive non existent, the whole reason I went to the doctor in the first place, really for my wife, I could care less .


My dose is going to be 400mg every two weeks. What testosterone should I ask for? Does not matter the expense since insurance is covering 100% My plans are to cut way back on running and finally work on the body that I always wanted. I have a really nice Smith Machine at home, 350 lbs of free iron, and dumb bells that go up to 85 lbs.

Second: Since my test is naturally low will I have to worry about the bothersome side effects, gyno, balding etc?

Third: With proper nutrition and a very dedicated work out regime how much muscle can I expect to build in lets say 16 wks? I can provide pictures of myself for illustrative purposes so you guys and gals can assess body fat, morphology ,etc.

Aside from that thank you for the time and input. Look forward to posting progress pics very soon.


Welcome aboard. Go read the stickies first - several of your questions will be answered. Then, read them again. 90% of what you are asking can be found there. Also - most folks here will want to see your complete lab results with ranges. Get in the habit of getting a copy for yourself from your doc. They are yours, you have a right to them, don't let them tell you otherwise.

Now...congrats on finding a doc who seems to be willing to work with you. Test isn't the only thing you need for TRT to be successful (the stickies will explain this). You need you EDUCATE YOURSELF for a couple of reasons - one being that you need to understand what your body is doing, why you take this or need that, etc. The second reason is that most docs are indeed clueless concerning TRT (including your endo/uro!). You need to be informed so you can educate your doc/discuss YOUR treatment intelligently. I found this one out the hard way.

400mg every two weeks is going to be bad. That's probably going to be way too much for you. The stickies (have you read them yet?) will explain why. Most start with 100mg/wk divided into two doses minimum (50mg 2x).

Read the stickies then come back here and post any follow-ups. Keep this same thread, don't post a bunch of different ones - makes it too hard to follow your case.


Eat walnuts every day. (SRS)


Thank you for the great advice. After reading through the many useful threads I have decide to go with T Etenthate 100 mg per week. Had my MRI yesterday and everything looked great with my pituitary, so it looks as if the only other things I need to check are sHBG and estrodial. Plan on taken measurements prior to my therapy beginning on the 28th. Will keep you guys posted with labs and progress .


I would like to also note that I got my old records from three years ago:

Test 300 ng/dl
Free Percent 1.86%
Free Test 55.8 pg/ml