37 y/o with High Libido. How to Lower it Intentionally?

My wife and I just had a baby last year. It was high risk and a very rough experience. We’ve determined to only adopt going forward due to the high risk. Now we are experiencing another health issue in my wife resulting in us not being able to have sex for now. We expect a long duration of therapy before we can revive our sex life, on the other hand my libido has been HIGH!

I’m on TRT -Test cyp, anastrozole, HCG- but I stopped taking the HCG a month ago. I wanted to stop producing sperm since we do not want to ever get pregnant. Now that we can’t be physical I am wondering is there a way to lower libido significantly?

You need to control your sex drive and jerk off to release yourself if you can’t have sex.

Get creative. Wife can still give you a hand job and stuff. I strongly think you should not intentionally lower your libido.

I wish you the best with the health issue you are going through with your wife.

I also suggest since you dropped the HCG to either remove the anastrozole and/or monitor your e2. You do not want to crash your e2.

Take your HCG and DHEA both raise E2 and you are not having vaginal sex so no more babies. Stopping the AI should raise your E2. A high E2 will kill your libido. You will have to experiment with your E2 level if your SHGB is low target 35 if its high target 45 also dropping your T injection amount to something mid range will do the same. Target mid range FreeT rather than top of the scale.
Congrats on the new baby and so sorry to hear about the complications.

Intentionally lowering your libido will have health consequences as it’s tied to physical and mental health, you can’t lower libido without affecting everything else.

I read alot of stupid topic, but this one WOW best of ! we see 10000 topics where guys would pay 100000000$ to get back their libido and this guy want to lower his libido…libido is the only fucking reason to stay alive bro

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