37 Y/O, 6-4 250 lbs. Rate My Physique. How Can I Improve?

I train 3-5x per week, full body, 90 minutes. I eat between 4-6000 calories per day, being a hardgainer I need as many calories as I can get to grow. Rate my physique, where can I improve

Any specific goals?

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I want to step on stage one day! And get bigger w/o gaining a lot of bf

It can be a little slow on the weekends but hopefully some of the helpful guys will eventually drop in.

You have quite a bit of body fat now, so you may be able to dial back the calories just a bit.

IMO your chest needs the most work. But I don’t know jack shit! This may get the ball rolling though.

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Appreciate the feedback my man!
I’m carrying more fat right now bc I’m really going for size. I’m a hardgainer and I can cut really easily.

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Looking good for 250lbs, some more width on the back would be good, I’m sure you’re shoulders will be more 3d when you start to cut. Until then it’s kinda hard to tell what needs work.

Looking pretty balanced overall though👍

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Some posing practice would help too, you’re back looks a lot wider in your relaxed posed compared to the rear double bicep. Try to flare your lats as you bring your arms up

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Thank you! Really appreciate the feedback. I’ve never had any posing practice so that is a must! I hit back pretty hard, any quick training tips for more back width? I do focus a lot on upper back in my training now, with pullups, facepulls and the like

Do you deadlift much? Think they’ll help with bring your spinal erectors up. Also just basing your workouts around progressing your compound lifts is the way to go, then isolation for more lagging body parts. Have you change up your training program recently?


Hi man. You look really good at your weight. obviously you’ll need to lose weight so we can’t exactly tell but even then we still see your abs so that’s good! You look overall good, your strong points seem to be traps/rhomboid and arms. For width I would suggest paying care to the angle at which you pull. The more horizontal you are the more traps you use, the less lats. We’ve all seen dudes at the lats pull down being at a 45° angle to use more wieght. Don’t do that! Also do pull-ups, even if at your weight it’s not easy. And yes start practicing posing, it will do good for your mind muscle connection too

Some more fun exercises if you like variations: J-rope pulls (cf Lee Boyce) and Two-exercises row (cf Thibaudeau): you do a cable row but bent forward as much as your mobility allows, hold the weights, then do a slow eccentric but with torso perpendicular to the floor.

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I’m 37 and have gotten less mobile over the years, so Ive pretty much eliminated deadlift from the normal workouts that I do. I’ll add them back in, maybe pull from a little bit of height rather than the floor.

I really vary my training significantly, but i need to add more basic compound lifts back into it

Thanks my man I really appreciate the feedback!

I actually do pull-ups pretty much every workout. Despite my size, i can knock out 20 with a neutral grip. I’m gonna start doing more at a wide grip though to bring out my lats.

And I will work on that mind muscle connection in my lats. Appreciate it!


Impressive man! Just make sure you have a pristine forme (I’m not trying to de-evaluate you as clearly your weight and look shows that you know how to train but sometimes we aren’t fully aware of our form)

Actually changing your grip width won’t really affect your lats but the degree of participation of your arms. It’s the angle that matters!

another view of the rear double bi

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When did you want to compete? I’m planning to compete late 2019/ early 2020

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I’m trying to get on by this summer man. Best of luck! Keep in touch, I’ll keep you guys updated also

Good luck brother!

hey, i’m a little late to the party, but I have some thoughts.

so if you’re interested in competing in a ‘tested’ federation, you’ve probably got enough size to compete. You could also do physique, I don’t think you’re too big for that.

Untested/open bodbuilding, I’d try to pack on considerably more size. As for where, I’d say probably delts and back in general. not sure about legs, they’re mostly covered up.

But the BEST advice I can give is hiring a coach who knows competitive bodybuilding. If for nothing else, than for a good critical assessment of where you are and what you need to do to step on stage. I’d also work with a pro on posing. I think that’s a harder thing to do than people give it credit for.

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Awesome my man appreciate the feedback. That is why I decided to post, sometimes you’re not aware of your weaknesses. I’ve always thought my back was big! Being 6-4, legs will always be a challenge as well, I’ve made some good progress there lately. You are spot on about coaching as well. I plan on competing in the classic bodybuilding division

252 is actually gonna be my limit for classic physique. That might change my approach a little also