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365lbs for 6-8 or 10 Reps At 150lbs


First please don't take me as a show off because I know people are way stonger than me. This is to anyone interested or to anyone that didn't believe me. I wrote a question on another post maybe a month ago and wrote my stats which at the time I was 145lbs and said I could squat 365lbs for 6 reps and very few people believed me.

Today I weigh about 153lbs, I been eating like crazy, and I just squatted 355lbs for 9 reps to PARALLEL. I busted some blood vessels underneath and above my eyes, let me know if that means anything bad?(thanks)I will be sending ya'll a video next week with 365lbs maybe more of me getting at least 6 reps, 8 reps is my goal. It will be on myspace at this address http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=41397273

I'm not being a prick, the video thing also kinda pumps me up. Thanks for looking or for any help points if you see anything wrong in my squat.


There's nothing wrong with posting your lifting videos.

Judging from your back-flip videos I would never have guessed you were only 150.

Nice work. Can't wait to see the lifting video(s).


Remember, I never said that I didn't believe you.


I dunno, he's pretty narrow. I'da guessed 160 max.

I look forward to the lifting vids too.

BTW, hope that quarterback vid was for a REDICULOUSLY hot chick...



haha, I have made several stupid video's. I have my girlfriend record them. It's just me being an idiot.


Yeah I remember bro.


Fully understood :slight_smile:



They're called subconjunctival hemorrhages and are pretty harmless. It is from cappilaries in the eyes busting under the strain of the load.


Does anyone even remember him saying this? You really don't have to prove yourself to some random guys on the internet.


Remember who saying what?


Seen the backflips and i beleave the squat, you got major air on them. In your pics you dont look 150 or lower at that you look more in the 170 and up weight. Cant weight to see the lifting vids, i would post some also but my camera only records on the computer(digital camera) so i cant bring it to the gym.


dang, so I'm guessing ya'll don't believe my weight either. The only explaination I got is I am known for not having to thick of legs so I'm guessing the weight is in my upper body.


Hey Brian, thanks for the info. I was a little worried about it.


UPDATE: Well I decided to try 385lbs since the 355lbs felt alot lighter than I expected last week. When I did the 385lbs I was probably one to two inches above parallel and could only get 3 reps, my goal was 5 reps.

How could I get 355lbs for 9 reps at parallel but could only get 385lbs at 3 reps and couldn't reach parallel, plus I took a caffiene pill today unlike last week when I did 355lbs. Keep in mind I had to wake up at 3:45 this morning for work and was pretty tired by this afternoon so I tried to take a caffiene pill to offset it and it seemed as if I couldn't concentrate. Plus it seemed harder to breath.

Oh yeah I had my girlfriend try to record me but the battery died just before I started but it sucked anyways so I didn't care that much. So I will try to do them next week and I will do the 365lbs. Let me know what ya'll think. Should I have been able to do more reps at 385lbs if I could do 355lbs at 9 reps? Sorry for the this long message I was just super disappointed today.


You were probably tired. According to a squat rep calculator that I use, you should be able to get 6 reps at 385 if you can get 355 for 9 reps. Again, you were probably tired.

Do you have a spotter? Do you use a belt? Why can't you go below or equal parallel? I am thinking that it has to be a psycological thing for people not reaching parallel, something about fear of getting stuck in the hole. That's why I ask about the spotter. As far as the belt, I'm curious because I never use one and the few times I have, I never felt like I benefited from one or felt like I needed one for safety.

Keep it up!


Here is the site with the rep calculator.


Make sure you choose the proper exercise, you can choose between squat, dead, and bench.


You may have a larger percentage of fast twitch fibres so you may not be able to perform a large number of reps with heavier weights, so the rep calculator may not apply to you.


Update: Well I just tried 365lbs and got 10 reps!!! The thing is though my girls digital camera only records 30 second clips and it stopped on the bottom of rep number 7. She was able to start another clip when I was just finishing rep number 9. I will get her mother's digital camera next time, it records forever plus records noise.

I think I was a little high so that is probably why I got 10 reps. But I think this proves I can get at least 6 reps. My body weight is bouncing between 150 to 155lbs. Thanks for looking and for any help on my form that you think I might need.

Again, here is the link to my myspace. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=41397273


It's hard to tell with that rediculously thick belt on, but your form looked very good. It did, however, look like you were a couple inches above parallel on each rep, though it may have been the angle.



You were definately a lil' high, but that is still damn impressive. Do you have any idea what you max? I'm not sure what your other #'s are, but with concentrated training you could/should do well in power lifting.