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365 Deadlift, 17 Years Old


im 17 and weigh 180 lbs. about 3rd time tryin 365. been deadlifting for about 3 months and working out for 1.5 yrs


There's a separate thread for PRs. Post them here instead of making a new thread for each one.






Is that gym in a grocery store?


lol. supp store in gym


Not bad I guess. I'm not against straps, but I wouldn't suggest using them at your point in training. I'd go with a mixed grip for your last set until you can pull a decent amount more.


just started dl


^Which is why you shouldn't use straps.


i guess ur right.


how much do u dl raw/ to b honest i never went 365 without the straps cuz like i said i ont have much ex. but ill try.


Unless you have baby hands, I wouldn't worry about grip.


Ditch the straps, and chalk up.

Raw DL, honest, 615


x2 on the straps, save them for assistance work and higher rep work.

Your back and hips look pretty solid. Get your hamstrings stronger and work on your bar speed (i.e. go faster). Thats about it. Form looks really good for someone your, or any, age.


Last time I tested my 1rm I got 450x1 very cleanly. I probably have another 10/20 lbs now. I'm 18 years old and weigh between 185-190. Don't worry your grip will catch up fast. Don't use straps and try to go without the mixed grip until you need it. I try to use the standard grip until my last work set. Holding onto your last heavy DL is another great way to work on supportive grip.


DixiesFinest- yea i think i saw the lift. u did the bernie dance?


gorangers0525- does alternate grip end up working ur upper back unevenly? maybe i should swith every set?


spar4tee- what do u mean by that


hahahahaha that was my first time pulling 600, yeah, definitely did the bernie after getting it


whats ur bw


I haven't noticed it, but I also don't tend to notice things like that lol. It really shouldn't be a problem but if your OCD about it switch it up, if not then do whatever feels more comfortable. I prefer to supinate my dominant hand.