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365 Days of Working Out


Time lapse video of a guy who worked out for a year. Pretty good progress I'd say.



Looks like he leaned up and added some mass, definitely not bad.

But he did acquire a nasty case of ILS at the end.


Halfway into the year when he becomes lean, he doesn't really continue to change. I mean, yes you're not going to become huge and stay lean within a half year, but he doesn't look any heavier in the halfway pic compared to the end pic. It really shows that building significant muscle mass and strength is the hard part, not getting lean.


nice progress!


I am ashamed at how long it took me to work out what ILS was...

365 days? Dude should have just done the V-Diet, BHAH!


That is John Stone, he did make a lot of progress over the years, way more than me. Look up John Stone Fitness.


LOL, he did get the Invisible Lat Syndrome. He kept his legs covered up too, I wonder if he worked them. I can tell he didn't work his back much however he did get a tan!


tan adds 25lbs to bench. :slight_smile:




Not bad. But I'm more impressed with his colorful collection of shorts.



If you look closer it looks like the shorts are just changing color and you can see the next color shorts under it. So to me it looks photoshopped.


I see what you mean. I wonder if he put it together in layers or they're poorly transistioned? That might explain that.


John when he first started at 215 lbs, Jan/2003.


John after losing 55lbs, weighing about 160lbs, June/2003.


John after bulking up to 236lbs, Jan/2007. He made way more progress than me, darn it. (Good for him!).


This is a current picture of his. He went a couple of years making the common mistake of just switching off between bulking a bit and then dieting right away, losing any progress he made. Now he seems to understand that he needs to lose his abs for a while and is doing great.

BTW, the ILS is intentional, so you can see any changes to his lats from the front.


not bad for the first half. Second half was a little lack luster to say the least. No appreciable mass was added. He hit a wall and didn't break through it. but still, a nice transformation.