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365 Days Of Exercise (Video)


This is really impressive. This guy just decided to start working out and eating better and he took progress pics everyday for a year to show how his body changed. It's a great example of how changes this simple can have an effect on the body.



About halfway into the year, when he got lean, he didn't really change much at all...


So what? He made good progress, that's the point.


He didn't work legs ... at all :slightly_smiling:

No, that's really cool though, and good for him for leaning out that well. Now he needs to create an account on here so we can teach him the benefits of squatz and milk!!


I think the dark tan helped alot lol, but overall awesome video!!


looking at the real early to real late pics its like he's a different person. Its cool to see someone get into better shape like that but his progress did seam to slow quite a bit about halfway through. Although he probably tried to bulk without gaining any fat.


Here we go. And you know what his goals were because?. I swear everyone on this board must be, like, 235 and 12% bf.......oh wait, the majority of you are not. OP did'nt post this video and caption it "best bb"ding year". So.........what was your point?. Were you expecting the subject to be HUUUUGE at the end of the year? Is that it? Perhaps he reached his goals and was maintaining what he achieved the last few months.


Good progress, but has a monster case of ILS...


What's the deal with that gay little choker necklace he starts wearing when he starts to really lean out? hahaha I just thought that was funny


John bulked up to 236lbs at 19% body fat January 2007.


Nice, funny how halfway through he starts developing ILS though :).




Sick rick your stupid he did that for a reason so that he could see the development in his lats go to his site before say any more retarded comments


that's pretty good


is that the same dude?


that was impressive. whats up with the neck and traps? they look the same after a year of training.


Yes, as both are of John Stone. A few post above someone provided a link to his site John Stone Fitness.


Maybe next year he will take the whole time to work on his legs and make you all happy :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

I imagine his goals were different then alot of people here but we have no idea what they were. Perhaps this was purely an experiment to see how implimenting certain changes such as food and exercise would visibly change his body. In this case he leaned out, lost some fat and gaining a bit of muscle, those are all good things... he also gained a tan, a necklace, and a case of ILS :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end he made alot of good changes for himself.


I think the link got removed LOL