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365 Bench Press Race


I hit 325 a few weeks ago. Who else is in on this?

1: Video of 365
2: It can be tng, just don't bounce it like your chest is a bounce castle.


Hit 335 2 weeks ago. I'm in.


Oh I'll join this too!


join ALL the races


Im in 320 best so far done last tuesday


I'm at 350x1. Can I join?

vids or it didn't happen? haha


This should be a written rule. Once breaking the 365 mark it needs to be on video otherwise pretty shady. How ever if we don't need video then I benched 365 for 12 today so I win ( obviously didn't happen haha )


Yeah go for it. I think it's ok if the bench is tng, as long as nobody bounces the shit out of it


Sounds good! Count me in.


Stuck around 305-315. But in.


@310 now Training max. I'm in


I just so happen to hit 365 today for a hard rep, which makes me sad because I remember when I could do it for like 4-6 reps.


Failed @ 365 last week..Just couldn't get it past the stick point. I'll get it in 4 weeks! I'm working toward 405lb...been steadily making my way there using 5/3/1.


For a ten set?

lol j/k good luck fellas.


I'm a lightweight don't hate


325 for a double today. Singles next week....


I'm in the 400/405 thread, but I won't consider myself graduated from this one til I get 365 for three whites at a meet at 198. Heres today in the gym, weighing 216. My ass came up a bit but Im not worried about that, it only happens here cuz I cant set my feet right inside the rack.


After this I hit a T&G 380 that was even more of a grinder than this one, then I did this little circuit:

Took me 21 minutes, and it sucked. A lot.


370 Bench with Titan Ram obviously doesn't count for the race but a Bench PR.


350 for Very decent single today. Gettin closer..


1RM PR's on my conjugate exercises last 4 weeks have been 325 + 32 lbs chains for a single, 320 + 2x of those crappy red stretch bands you find at chain gyms, decline 350 and incline 290, so I figure in flat BB land I'm probably within striking distance. Count me in!