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365/620 Push Pull @181


Had a push pull this weekend.
Bench attempts
365 x1
400 miss
400 miss
dl attempts
620 x1
640 miss

I just didn't have the strength for 400. the bar started slipping in my hand on 640 and my hands exploded at lockout.

365 x1 @181: http://youtu.be/eApe2NGuwYE

620 x1 deadlift at 181: http://youtu.be/OanQaTKQrng

640 miss @181: http://youtu.be/4nomSK-5R28


Nice work. Looks like you could’ve pulled 635 and the 365 bench looked easy. In retrospect, you probably could’ve gone for a 1000 lb total for the combined second attempts. Impressive lifts for your weight class nonetheless.