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36 yo, 5'10.5, 195lbs

Front relaxed

First post here. I workout seriously since 2006 and I put on about 20 lbs.
Pics took last Sunday.
I don’t follow at present a particular diet.
I train usually 4 times a week:
Mo - Chest/Triceps
Tu - No gym but I used to go swim
We - Legs/Biceps
Th - Shoulder/Traps/Triceps
Fr - No gym but I used to go swim
Sa - Back/Biceps
Su - Rest

I train abs every gym day (a bit more on We and Sa)

Back relaxed

Side chest

Side tricep

Since you posted in RMP I’ll assume you care a fair bit about what you look like. If that is the case why do you bother lifting weights if you don’t give attention to proper eating habits. If I am making an unwarranted assumption about your eating habits, excuse me, but you didn’t give much to work with in that regard.

If you just lift weights because you enjoy to do so, that is fine, but why post in the RMP. Surely you had to realize that your current physique wouldn’t stand out on a bodybuilding forum.

As far as your physique goes; Your chest and lats are really the only muscles that look like they’ve ever recieved stimulus. Your legs, arms, and shoulders (in that particular order) need a ton of work. If you are serious about looking better it would be in your best interest so start paying attention to what you eat.

You’re not in “bad shape” per say, but to echo the above comments, it looks like you do nothing but pushups and pullups. Definitely need to reassess your plan a bit if you’re developing so unevenly.


Where’d your traps go?

Arms 2x per week and legs 1x per week? Try flipping that around and you may see a difference. Looks like the diet needs to be tweated a bit also.

Keep pushing.

Your lats are nice and wide. It looks like its natural because the rest of your body isn’t nearly as developed. Work on your traps and shoulders more and it would make a huge difference. Stay at it.