36 y/o with Low T. Want to Increase Naturally if Possible

Age: 36
Height: 6’4
Waist: 38"
Weight: 230 lbs
Body/facial hair: some facial hair (not full) and little body hair
Carry fat: midsection and chest under nipples
Health conditions: none that I know of
RX and OTC drugs: never used any hair loss drugs, don’t take any OTC drugs, never used steroids or anything like that
Lab results:

**Diet:**Was eating very low fat/high protein diet (10% fat calorie intake) and on a calorie deficit. Since the results have increased fats to 35-40% and switched to maintenance calories ~2800.
**Training:**I’m pretty sure I was overtraining. Lifting heavy 5 days/week and doing HIIT cardio rowing sessions 4 days/week. Maybe only 1 day a week rest without either lifting or cardio. I’ve since stopped and just walk everyday. Would like to get back to some training though if possible.
**Testes ache:**No, never.
**Morning wood:**Never for over a year. No libido at all.

Hi all,

I’m exciting to find this site. I recently had my T tested and here were the results:

Free 3.28
Total 234

I’ve felt pretty bad (sour mood, tired, low libido, not sleeping well) for about a year and half. Here’s more background to my story. About 3 years ago I weighed almost 400lbs (I’m 6’4"). I decided to start losing weight so I limited myself to three healthy meals/day. This went on for about a year and I lost 100lbs. Then I started working out to lose more. Within months I was running every day (5-8k) and also doing a P90x style workout everyday. I would take maybe 1 rest day a week and doing all this while in a caloric deficit. I got down to 200lbs but was skinny/fat looking. During this time of intense cardio (about year and half ago) was when I started having all the low T symptoms I described above. I didn’t realize you could overtrain.

At this point I wanted to gain muscle back because I didn’t like how I was looking so I started to lift weights. I started doing that pretty seriously over the past year (squats, deadlifts, presses, etc). I started tracking calories at this point and was going through cuts and bulks. Up until last week I was lifting 5 days/week and doing heavy HIIT rowing about 4 days/week. Rarely taking a day of from either. I also in a about a 20% calorie deficit and eating a high protein, low fat diet (~35% protein, 15% fat, 50% carbs).

So after getting my test results just over a week ago I have been researching and realized all the mistakes I have been making (overtraining, no rest/recovery days, calorie deficit, low fat/high protein diet).

For the past week I have stopped all training and just started walking about 45 mins/day. I’ve increased my calories to maintenance (~2800) and started including more fat and carbs (red meat, avocados, rice, etc) and less protein (shooting for 40% fat, 40% carbs, 20% protein). I already take a good multi-vitamin, fish oil and vitamin D daily. I’ve order some Boron, PS, Ashwagandha and Forskolin to try.

I’m hoping these changes will correct my low T levels soon. I have a few questions though.

1.) Are there things I’m missing that I should be doing to try and correct this?

2.) I plan to just walk for 1-2 weeks and do no other training. I’m wondering if I should start lifting after that or not (would only do that 3 days a week to start). Should I start this back up after a 2 week rest? I’m not sure if I should rest longer until I feel better or stick with the heavy lifting (no cardio) since from what I read is supposed to help increase T.

3.) Saying my issue is just overtraining, does anyone have any guesses on how long it might take before my T will go up and I start to feel better?

My doctor recommended I see an endocrinologist. So I have an appointment with one in 2 months (takes a while I guess). I really think I did this to myself by doing what I described above but I’m going to get checked out further just to make sure. Also I think it will be good to get my T re-tested in two months to see if these changes are helping.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any response!

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TSH-2.51 is too high, should be closer to 1.0. The thyroid ranges are bogus.
Check your oral body temperatures as per the last sticky above.

You need these labs: - you have some now

Your liver enzymes my be up from training, or some problem that might be reducing your ability to clear estrogens.

I do not think that you will solve this problem “naturally”.

Will do. I’ll post the results back. Thanks for the response!!

I measured my temperature (under tongue, 3 mins w/ glass thermometer) when I got home from work yesterday around 4:30pm. It was 97.7F. I had my wife measure hers to check the thermometer and it was 98.6F. I measured it twice later after dinner and it was 98.3F both times.

This morning I measured it before getting out of bed and it was 97.6F. I should mention I have been having really bad night sweats lately and this was the case last night as well. Not sure if that would affect this temperature reading or not.

I will continue to monitor temperature and post back.

I’m curious, there be any harm in trying a small dose of iodine? Perhaps 12.5mg/day of the Iodoral?


That would be a good idea if you have not always used iodized salt.

Get a multi-vit that lists iodine+selenium that does not have any iron. You should have selenium when taking large amounts of iodine.

Temp in the morning yesterday was 98.1 and 97.1 in the afternoon. I took my first 12.5mg Iodoral last night. Imagine it will take a couple days of taking it before I feel anything if at all.

I also should note, my hands have been super cold all day long for the past few days. Even after walking on the treadmill for 45 mins. I never used to have cold hands.

Barring one being malnourished, there is no way to to raise T naturally. No food or supplement or exercises practices will do the trick!

Crazy groundless guessing and speculation will not help. Labs needed.

Re Iodoral: Did you read those stickies?

I did read the stickies. Good information thanks! I probably won’t get more lab results for like 6 weeks until I see the endocrinologist. That is why I wanted to try Iodoral in the meantime. It seems like it might be helping. (only been taking it for 4-5 days). I’m considering up’ing the dose slowly up to 50mg/day which seems to be what most people are taking. Thoughts?

With Iodoral, not if temperatures and metal clarity improve. Reduce dose if guts get uncomfortable. Iodine will kill off some gut bacteria and digestion change.