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36 Y/O, Long Cycle, Need for Answers for PCT

Hi guys,

I did a 16 week test enanthate 500 mg (week 12 - 16 anavar added on)

Then did a 3 weeks of nolva pct and then jump right on to test enanthate and equipoise (both 500 mg /week) for 5 weeks and then stopped early and then did a 60/40/40/20/20/10 Nolvadex pct with aromasin used regularly.

I had my reasons but now when I think about it, it feels unbelievably dumb to do a long cycle like that, never going to do again.

It’s been 45 days after pct but I suffer from low cum volume, low libido (though somewhat came back a little) and erectile disfunction to a degree.

Lab results
Lh, fsh on the lower normal end,
Test is on the lower normal end
E2 is 50 (range 20-40)

Should I do a second pct? Should I use an AI? Should I wait? What should I do?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Wait it out, chances are things will eventually go back to normal.

How long between when you stopped the five week cycle and when you started pct?

2 weeks

Well that explains some of it. Two weeks after your last EQ pin you’d still have quite a bit of it left in your system. You started pct while you were still on cycle.

So should I do a second pct?

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Thank you mate, I will make another pct. Cheers.