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36% Think Porkulus Will Help


My only question is: Who in the hell are the 36%? My guess is it's mostly the people who make under 3K per year who will now receive 1K..for each kid they have had and cannot support. Obviously, this kind of thing also encourges accountability and personal and financial responsibility. Well.....at least we can count on seeing sales for beer, smokes and lottery tickets soar.

It's been almost a month. It's pretty obvious that the democrats are going to get swept out in the mid-term elections and Obama - unless he drastically changes course - will get his one term, ala Jimmy Carter.

All of this was unimaginable before the innaugural. Alas, we forget what the democrats can do when left to operate unchecked.


You are vastly underestimating the ability of the youth vote to be incredibly far up its own asshole.


Here's a fine example of the type people that think the stimulas will work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Ux-fKUDIk


That would require the youth to actually get off their asses and vote.


Don't give them any ideas.


The youth already have it right, now we just need to wait for all the old fuckers to die.


Don't worry. The youth never take the time to vote for anything boring like congressional seats.


I got a chuckle out of this one.


voting reqs:

-age = 30+
-owns land
-self sustained

feel free to add to the list.






Well, there's also the possibility that no matter the result, everything bad will be blamed on Bush. Even at the end of an 8 year term, even if all terrible economically, Obama and the Democrats may well receive no blame by the media or most of the public. Or even vast praise.


Well, eight economically terrible years into FDR's presidency, did the media or the public blame him for failure to recover? No, he was the hero. Why, if not for him it would have been so much worse -- it was all Hoover's fault don'cha know.


I dunno, about four years or so into Clinton's presidency the economy was picking up and a lot of people were suggesting the Reagan/Bush years deserved the credit.


Well that hasn't stuck, has it? Clinton is widely viewed as an economic savior/visionary, as if he created the tech-boom.


During the primaries, I wished (but knew that it would never happen) that Hillary would be asked, just once, "You say repeatedly that your husband 'grew the economy' and 'added millions of jobs' and that you will do the same.

Now it's true that Congress limited spending and that has helped control the budget, but he did not do that. What specifically is it that he did that grew the economy and added jobs?"

I would have loved watching her, or any advocate of those claims, come up with attempted explanation of the supposed specific act or acts.

Government doesn't grow the economy or create jobs. What can be done is to lessen the damage that government does in those regards. Relative to greater damage, such changes grow the economy and create jobs, but only in that sense.

Tax increases don't grow the economy and create jobs.


Interesting. It would seem as though responsibility for economic prosperity would be subject to partisan bias and revision.


FDR was one of the worst presidents ever to curse the seat of the presidency. Every decision he made economically was bad. Historical facts bear him out as an idiot. Not only that but he was a racist to boot as is bared out by his support for the segregationist southern democrats. Yet, he gets a pass.

The good news is that we will likely come out of this recession despite the fuckulus package, the bad news is Nancy Pelosi and Obama will take credit, even when the actual numbers are against them. Just like they totally ignore the fact that is was liberal policy making that got us into this mess.


Ugh. That hurt to listen to. I was discussing this with my sister on Sunday, there are a lot of people that really believe that Obama is going to just give them taxpayer money and make them rich, she hears a lot of this at work and school.

I wonder if I can get some free money. Is there anything is the spending bill for guys like me that are just irresponsible with their money?

Hey Obama, I spent all my money on beer and hookers, now I can't pay my rent. How about you cut me a check for a few thousand dollars, and sign it "Uncle Sam."


how about:

self sustaining income (not SS)
able to stand in the voting booth and vote without assistance

We will call it a gerontocracy.


Alright, ya got me. I LOL'd.