36 Days Out from MPD Debut

6’2", 185, 8% (7 site skinfold, Lange)

March 16th NPC San Diego is the goal show date and location.

no tryna be a dick head, but u just look sick.bulk man bulk!,and FTR,those shoes are hilarious

Hey good luck man. I know you’ve been insistent on competing despite better judgement from other folks on this site. I’ve yet to meet someone that couldn’t overcome the ecto thing no matter what they tried, and everyone has made it clear as to what you’re doing wrong. You’re really skinny. However, if this is an event that you’ll enjoy, you’ve been training up to, and you’ll learn from, then I’ll be the last person to tell you not to do it.

I say don’t do it. You need to put at least three inches on your arms and 20+ pounds overall. You’re going to find the competition a very humbling experience.

Serious questions and asking for serious response.

I’m not here to put anyone down or to crush any spirits.

I’ve just seen that this is like, at least your second thread on RMP about competing.

Why man?..

What makes you feel like you’re ready?

What are you hoping to achieve?

Do you think you can or should get bigger before your first show?

I may be late to this party, but here are my thoughts:

If you’re competing to prove something to yourself, possibly you’re proud of progress, or a transformation of sorts, then by all means. Getting on stage takes balls, and I tip my hat to anyone who goes through with it.

However, if you’ve actually got some secret hopes to placing top 5, this is more than likely not going to turn out the way you’re hoping. I’m certainly not one to rain on other people’s parades, but if you indeed have real competitive aspirations, you’re going to need a bit more work before you catch the judges’ attention.


Are you entering the physique or Bodybuilding part of competition?

Physique for sure, bodybuilding is not my game. Just not built for it period. Huge fan yes indeed but not for me as a participant.

I am doing this because I very much want to compete in the realm of fitness, showing others and myself what can be achieved naturally through hard work, sacrifice, goal setting, exercise training, sound nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle and to promote my roll in the Navy as an afloat fitness specialist.

So I am doing it for both me personalty but also as an act of meaning and inspiration for others who know me and work with me, have worked with me, friends, family etc. Let them all see how everyday guys with busy lives and crazy work schedules, lots of travel, not rich, not a magazine model, can compete on stage and look good, feel good and do good for themselves and have fun with it without it overwhelming their life.

I have nothing to add, without making me sound like a giant dick. Carry on.

You?ve seen the other physique competitors right?
You know your gonaa get blown out of the water, and still choose to do it.


Man, I’m your height and heavier, and also want to do a show in Physique. You’re smaller then me, and I myself am likely going to be gaining until AT LEAST August before even thinking about doing a show. I know being tall and lanky is means we need a lot of mass to fill out, but it’s not impossible. you’re pretty lean. Solid starting point to put on some mass, and maybe compete NEXT year in this show. Looking both lean AND muscular will be much more inspirational to people then you competing in at this point in your development.

It took me dieting down a bit to realize how ‘skinny’ I looked too. Take this as a wake-up call bro.

Honestly, it’s not for me or anybody but you to decide what’s your best course of action regarding the show.

But if you are serious about lifting/competing, instead of just doing it for fun, you might want to take a look at the pics in your last RMP thread. You’re a little leaner here, but basically the same size as you were in July.

If you’re serious about this physique stuff, you may wish to put any future competitions on hold for the time being and reassess whether your current training protocol (especially with regards to diet) is helping you meet your goals.

If it were me, I would do a slow bulk for a year (or more), not worry too much about the abs or sculpting other specific body parts, and focus on building a solid strength base. Then reassess when the time comes. My 0.02, and best of luck!

Don’t do it.

You look completely untrained and malnourished. You also are most certainly not 8% bf…don’t even have a 6 pack.

Again, as others have said, not trying to be a dick. You are of course in good shape compared to 90% of the general population, so keep that up. However, you posted in the “Rate my physique” section, and everyone is just being honest.

Who did your bdf% cause no way that’s 8%… I’m thinking more like high 10% or maybe low 11%… At 8% you would be extremely cut… But congrats on being in great shape… Good luck on the show if you decide to go and get up on stage… IMO if you’ve never done a show i would just go to it and watch… See what its all about… Watch how they pose and what not. Thats a big factor for judges…

Way too much hate in here. This guy’s expressed why he’s doing the competition. I didn’t see anything on his list indicating he expected to win or place. Nor did he say that was a goal.

Why is it that in the PL forums everyone says “just do a competition, who cares how you place! It’s about the community, experience etc.” and in here people want to say “don’t do it. you’ll embarrass yourself. Get bigger, you can’t win.”

Everyone in here who says this guy needs a wake up call and shouldn’t compete probably needs one themselves. All the negativity is shameful. Who are any of us to say he shouldn’t compete after having prepared for this for months? I’m all for physique critiques in here, but as many of you have mentioned, this IS ‘Rate My Physique’. It’s NOT ‘Give Me Advice On How To Live My Life’. I don’t see anywhere in the OP where he asked if he should do the competition in the first place.


Good luck and enjoy the experience

Turns out I am going to miss this contest as well. Our command and the ships departure has been continuously delayed a a few days here and there and even today we got pushed 2 more days to Monday morning now. That means we wont get to San Diego until the 22nd. Its been clear for 2 weeks now I would not be able to make it to town in time to compete in this show. (blessing in disguise maybe…who knows?)

I have thus set up a photo shoot with Rob Andrews Photography in San Diego on March 30th to give myself that outlet, peak point and culmination factor to work toward. I could not see any other MPD shows in the area within the next 5 weeks time (before our command goes out for trials) so this was my only real next best best/option.

So to keep progress cooking I have todays (15 days out) pics and stats below:

178.2lbs, (bia says 6.1%) (7 site skinfold equation says 7%)

Wish I could hear what goes on inside this dudes head.

if you aren’t trolling, i’d suggest hiring a coach and working with them for awhile.

This Real?