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35sp 2 times or 70 sp 1 time (Androsol)

By now I’m sure quite a few t-folks have used Androsol with lots of different protocols. I’ve used it several times but only at 140 sp p/day. I have 3 bottles and am planning to follow a 6 or 12 wk cycle at half dose (70 sp p/day) Is it best for gains to use it 70 sp a.m. or 35 sp a.m. & p.m.?
Any feedback is welcome. -LW

I always did my 6 week androsol cycles like the original protocol of 70 sprays in morning only and believe that provides best benefit with least amount of affect on natural T levels.

The half life of the androsol is around 12 hours, so you will get better efficacy it seems with 2 times a day dosing. The area under curve AUC, indicative of amount of drug absorbed, will be higher also.

Thanks guys. Anyone else have a preference?

i would go with 2 times a day. laters pk

The whole idea of using 4-AD for an extended cycle is to avoid t-suppression. To do this, you’ll need to use Androsol at 70 every morning, and wash it off at night, before bed. This is how I always use Androsol, although I only use it for dieting now, and it works great!