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355x5 Squat Form Check

Hey guys wanted to get some opinions and tips on my form for squats. I feel like I have my flexibility in my knees, but have also had surgery on my left knee and tore my meniscus last year.

Hey man, no hate at all. But your are not breaking depth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cWgc4q7pxg&t=300s

Keep up the work, but work on depth if you are trying to compete. Squat depth really humbled me when I started competing

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No hate taken. I need honest critique. If working on form means lowering the weight I have no problem with that.

I may need to stretch more before squating to get more flexibility because that seems to be my limiting factor.

Thanks for the input.

Your knees are pushing forward a little more than halfway through each rep. I also had this issue when I first started squatting; it turns out that my stance was too narrow. I have deep hip sockets, so I run out of room in that area as I descend, which would force my knees to shoot forward. Not a big Rippetoe fan, but Google TUBOW, that might be of assistance.

Thanks for the reply. Just curious what did you do to help with that issue yourself? I’m guna check that out now.

Besides widening my stance, I switched to box squats for a while. This engrained sitting back and ultimately helped me keep my knees from shooting forward. I would record a lot of my sets to ensure that I was doing it correctly. Once my shins stayed perpendicular to the floor during every rep, I began doing regular back squats again. (I actually only do box squats now, but that’s due to lower back issues.)

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Cool man. After reading about the TUBOW that looks like it can definitely help, but also now that I’m aware of it and seeing how much my knees travel forward I can be more conscience of it and work on it. Thanks for the replies.

@spiceweasel @smackinoff

Is this looking better?

Depth is definitely better, but your knees are still shooting forward after your leg angle breaks past 90 degrees. What did you try to do differently during this set? What cues are you using? How wide is your stance?

I widen my stance a tiny bit more, probably about 2 feet apart. I also tried leaning forward a little bit more which helped with the depth I honestly feel like it’s my hips that are Making my knees want to go forward, it’s like they don’t open up at all.

I know it’s not gunna be an instant fix and it’ll take a lot of repititions to get it down but its a start .

My hips (specifically, my deep hip sockets) are the cause of the issues I had as well. It’s not an easy decision, but I suggest lowering your weight and focusing on form; that’s what I had to do, and I’m grateful that I had the foresight to make that decision. It will be worth it in the long run.

I think that’s a good idea, thanks for the advice man.

We’re not all built to squat to comp depth. Listen to your body. Work on improving but don’t force it. If your hip socket is limiting you then there’s a reason. Ignoring it and forcing more depth is going to tear up your joints.


Lots of good info here on how to choose stance width which also affects how your hips open up

When I first started lifting ppl were telling me to squat wide. That it’s better limits range etc. I couldn’t hit depth without feeling like my hip was goingot dislocate. I brought my stance in and depth is easy to hit. Our joints are all shaped a bit differently and the movement patterns aren’t uniform. Maybe have a day where you load a relatively light weight and play with stances. Video them all and note how comfortable it was (not in relation to the weight on your back but your hips while hitting depth) . This seems boring but if you wanna lift long term find out how you lift the most comfortably. It’s not just foot width either. The rotation of the hips, how Much trunk flexion you have etc.

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I know God squats aren’t for everybody, but they are a great tool.

To touch on what some other guys have said:

They do teach you to sit back and keep your knees from drifting too much. Sometimes it’s easier mentally to use light weights on a “new” lift than take a bunch of weight off a lift you’re already doing.

If you can’t reach full depth and control your knees you can use the box to limit depth to a range that doesn’t hurt. Then gradually lower the box as your hips get stronger.

Sometimes what feels good standing up doesn’t feel so great in the hole. When you’re down on the box, if your hips are uncomfortable or your stance doesn’t feel right you can easily shift your feet around to find a more natural alignment. This can be a easy way to find good width and foot alignment.

@Frank_C @marcb84 @FlatsFarmer @whang thanks for the replies guys. I’m gunna check that video out when I get a chance. I was doing back squats and box squats today using just 185 to find what’s comfortable and to get technique down. I’m not really worried about dropping weight I know once I get it down it’ll shoot right back up. I would much rather take the time and get my form down with lightweight than doing it wrong with heavy weight. I’m not in a rush lol


You’re spot on man. When I switched stance I dropped weight a little. But it came back plus my hips are healthy again. Good
Luck man.