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355 Pause Bench PR


This felt ridiculously easy. I plan on putting up at least 365, maybe 375 at my meet in 6 weeks.


Good job.

What are your goal meet numbers S/B/DL


Nice, fast, and clean rep! You’ve got plenty more in you!

I liked the music at the very beginning. I was incredibly upset when it stopped and turned into crappy commercial gym music…


First, I hate your arch… which TRANSLATES TO I AM JEALOUS OF THAT ARCH! LOL.

Watch the moving feet thing. Lots of feds have a “can’t move your feet while pressing” rule. I’d ask about that. Other wise great work man.


good job thats strong. im just curios what do your arms measure?


Wow man your benching in particular has been coming along real nicely of late. Keep it up dude.


Fantastic lifting! We have similar builds and I really strive for a bench like yours. Keep posting updates!

I also enjoyed the free review of the Billboard Hot 100 that we got from your video. :wink:


You’ve come along way, man. Impressive progress.


Thanks a lot, everyone.

I found out yesterday that USAPL will be running the meet, so I will unfortunately have to change up my bench setup once again to a flat footed bench.