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350mg Test C Only Cycle Log with Pictures

Okay so I have been dosing Test C at 150 mg E3D for 3 weeks now, I decided not to log the first three weeks as I felt like minimal changes would be made until plasma T levels were high enough.

First a little background information on me:
Age: 24
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180 (pre cycle)
Body fat estimated 12% (see attached pictures)

Pre cycle notables:
Training experience - 7 years
Arms 16.5”
Chest 44.25”
Legs 22.5”
Calves 14”
Forearms 13”
Neck 15”

Compound lifts
Bench 245 x 10
Squat 275 x 8
Deadlift 315 x 6-8 reps

Pct: none required I am on TRT due to low levels naturally… (382 ng/dL)

Pre cycle labs on 50 mg every 3.5 days
TT 712
Free T 106 pg/ml
E2 22 Quest ultra sensitive

I have AI on hand (anastrozole) but have not been using it so far…

Here are some notable updates since starting 3 weeks ago:

  1. Weight is up from 5lbs from 180 to 185 (assuming mostly water weight from higher estrogen levels).

  2. Libido/erections were a little shaky at first since dosage change, but all is working well. I would say libido is unchanged at this point, not super horny but definitely still want to have sex when my gf is down.

  3. Strength in gym is definitely increasing… hit 275 for 6 on bench yesterday, and my legs are definitely growing… they are a weak point of mine

Goals for this cycle:

  1. gain 10-15 solid keepable pounds and massively improve my leg development.

  2. Experience minimal sides

Attached below are pre cycle pictures of me.

As a side note I will be updating this thread daily on changes in mood, energy, libido, weight, and my daily diet/gym log.

If I missed anything that you would like to know let me know!

From what I recall this isn’t you’re first brush with AAS… you’ve used PH’s (designer steroids), sarms, or something along this nature.

Looking good, however

15 pounds of muscle isn’t going to happen, you might gain 5-6 pounds of muscle (which is far more than most think), and 4 pounds of fat

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You are right, I used competitive edge labs H-Drol when I was 17 but nothing since then (am 24 now)

Tried Ligandrol last year but felt like shit… was feeling run down around the 4th week mark. I think it wasn’t Ligandrol and maybe a Pro hormone so I stopped taking it.

H-drol is far harsher than test. May I ask why you’re on TRT?

  • primary testicular pathology
  • damaged endocrine system?

You need to work on the bottom two. However…

At least you are not blind to it. I would suggest you spend a good portion of your time on legs. Your arms and shoulders look good, but them legs man… Needs some work.


My natural T levels were 382 and I had every symptom of low T you can think of

Why though, how was you’re lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns?

Yep majority of this cycle is going to be focused on building my legs. Lol I am aware and it’s a main goal of mine

I am a paramedic/firefighter so sleep is minimal and stress is high. Diet is very good now but I think a lot of it has to do with the pro hormones I ran. At 15 my cousin gave me m-drol (super drol) I ran it for 2 weeks I don’t count it as a solid cycle because I had no idea what I was doing. Also I never used a real pct after h drol or the m drol.

Good. Your T levels before TRT are very close to what mine were 379 and 390 ng/dL (11 and 10.5 ng/dL free test) for me. I am about 8 years older though.

You should be able to gain like crazy on your legs because newb gains and AAS (not saying you are a newb, just your legs are).

What do you plan on doing? I would probably squat a few times a week.

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@mnben87 @unreal24278

What would you guess my body fat as being?

I have a solid 6 pack un flexed, I was thinking 12%

When I do the skin fold 3 site it says 9% but I know I am higher than that.

How old was your cousin? If he was 21+ at the time give him a kick in the nuts for me

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Bout 13-14%, merely a visual guesstimate

If you want to know for certain, get a dexa scan (even then it’s not 100% accurate, one can manipulate the results of a dexa scan)

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He was 24… and a juicer. He said it would “get me big for football” now he is on TRT as well

A little higher than I was thinking but I’ll go with it. From my understanding I thought visible abs was closer to 10% than 15%

For legs I am focusing on squats and compound lifts at least twice a week. I will post my leg workout on Saturday when I go.

Seems about right. Maybe a bit more I say 12-14%. Just know that 15% BF with a good muscle mass looks really good.

I would not actually want to be less than 12% as you will look much smaller in clothes, and once you have visible abs, more size is better than more definition in my book.

kick… in… the… nuts

No, many vastly underestimate BF%, some can have visible abs at 20%, it’s entirely dependent on genetics (fat storage), the amount of muscle mass you have etc

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Wear tighter clothes lol… look at Zac Efron in Baywatch, dude isn’t big but in tight clothes (and shirtless) he looks sick (from an aesthetic perspective, not a bodybuilding perspective)

I squat once and deadlift once per week. Deadlift day I usually do some belt squats after.

I would try for one heavy day, one lighter volume day.

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