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350mg a Week - Testosterone Only

Curious what anyone’s thoughts on 350mg/week test cyp only cycle is?

Age 32
14-16% body fat

6th cycle

Thats not do jack’s shit for real. Its about my cruising dosage(+ 150mg deca)
And not getting any more muscle with that.

I’ve always received the advice to do the smallest amount that works…

Yes, and that will be 500 mg test and if that is only drug you will be disappointed for results. (Thibaudeau said exactly same thing). Only slightly more muscle and power compared to natural training, but 600 mg test and 300 mg deca you will be ballooning :blush:

Hey whatever makes your comfortable I’m currently in 400 mg test per week and it’s great man. It’s your first cycle just get the hang of it first then add other compounds because you can wreck your shit real quick

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The mg’s are a little low, but other than that it’s a good plan.

Posted a vid in a very similar thread, worth a watch. Seems low for a 6th cycle but it will still do something!

I’ve often run test at 375mg/week and it’s great for me, how do you know he’ll be disappointed with the dose? We don’t know what his goals are so recommending nearly a gram of gear a week might not be the best thing. And yes, with those doses he’ll balloon, with water…
OP what is your goal here?


Just getting in great shape. I have a very physical job and lifestyle. Often get injuries that I like the help recovering from… Im running and want to get into the 5 minute mile range.
Also wanting enough energy to reintroduce some schedule to my life.
My last cycle was 250 test/w with great results so I thought I’d step it up this summer.

Most I’ve ever done of test was 400mg/w several years ago

I’ll be the one to point out deca dick. I wouldn’t touch Deca. There are better and safer options.

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Would dbol be would better then deca? Or what you would recommend for someone’s first bulking cycle?

Your cruising dose is a beginner cycle for most. The fact that you choose to subject your body to long term damage doesn’t mean you should advocate that for others.

Please refrain from dispensing any advice until you learn more about this subject. You have spammed this forum with newb question after newb question.

This is a lowish dose to cycle as others have said but still will likely but you at 2-3x normal test levels. You should yield moderate results. It won’t be transformational, especially after 6 cycles, but its also not very risky.


Hahaha okay bi Shaw fuck you man. You look small
As shit btw. I though for using gear you would be bigger. This forum is gas as fuck, you and lord gains here’s living in this shit, go get a life.

I don’t heavily use gear in fact i’m pretty much done with blasting test mostly and content with my look on TRT. I do know my ‘shit’ as you seem to like using the term. You clearly do not. Stop doing harm to others.


Lol… You would be better off using an accurate insult.

This shows lack of understanding. Genetics matter so much. I have above average genetics, and if I used all the steroids, insulin, sarms, and GH I could I would not look as good as Ronnie Coleman when he was natural. IMO, less than 1% would look as good as Ronnie natty.

People have different risk / reward ratios. Some will take huge doses and cruise on beginner cycles. Some want to be 10-15 lbs past their genetic potential with a very low probability of heart, kidney, and liver issues down the road. I am in this boat, and from Shaw’s posts I think this is where he is too. IMO, it is pretty damn tough to justify heavy use for all but the top guys in BBing and strength sports.


Well, this thread escalated quickly…Generally on a first cycle you’d run 500mg to get the most “bang” out of it, after that you can maintain with lower doses. I have never run that much and have enjoyed my results mostly but I don’t see it as a sprint. Personally 375mg/week with a good diet and decent training regime helps me recomp. I’ll cut a % or 2 of body fat and add a kg or two to the scale. I’m not looking for more than that personally but I generally stay within 3-4% BF of my ideal look anyway. sounds like you are looking for a similar outcome. Having said that if you are looking for more mass, 500mg can work.


That’s my fault for not using more tact in my response but I call it like it is. There is no reason for somebody to ask the most basic of questions, start multiple threads, and then respond with any advice. Other newbs on here seeking advice don’t know the difference and this is a dangerous game. There are a ton of wise folks on here although it seems as of late several are no longer frequently posting.

Absolutely agree. And the keyboard warrior response to your post…tough to have a discussion/debate on here like adults.

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In regards to the OP. IMO, for someone on TRT, 350 mg test is an okay blast. For someone cycling, I don’t think the risk / reward ratio is as good as if the dose was 500 mg/wk. Each cycle has a chance of not recovering testosterone production. 350 mg is going to result in the same shut down as 500 mg. I want the bigger gains if I am going to shut down my testosterone production.

On TRT with a blast shutdown is not a risk, so lower especially for the first one makes sense. You will likely not get as many negative sides.

My first blast was 325 mg of test, with 7 weeks at the end of 50 mg a day of var. The gains were not all that impressive IMO. But I was already on TRT, so the dose was probably not high enough to really get huge gains. Got some gains, but not what I was expecting.

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