350lbs Bench @ 157lbs BW

New PR!!

Obligatory self pic


seriously impressive man, congrats

Yeah great work man what a crazy grind haha.

I hate people who can do what I do at 2 weight classes lighter. Nice lift you jerk.

Man, you weigh as much as I do and bench a hundred pounds more.

Good lift.


If you did not feel obligated to discuss your bench training, please do so.

SO I don’t powerlift but I just decided to check out the powerlifting forum because I figure it’d be cool to read some about powerlifting and then I see this.

I’m impressed. I have significantly more mass than you and although I’ve never tried I’m pretty sure I could not do this.


Incredibly impressive. How’d you do it?

Wonderful lift. As everyone else has said, how did you get there?

We’re waiting, OP.


Oh totally forgot about tnation, rarely come here anymore. I’mm actually not in a strength phase right now, I have a physique comp in march and so I’ve been working on aesthetics and all that jazz the past 2 months. I just have had awesome pumps the last 2 weeks, got 315x4 last Monday and said why not try a pr. When I was training, I ran variations of coan/philippi bench and sheiko. My body best responds to high weight, high frequency, high volume, low reps aka like 10x2, 8x1, etc. Funny, the 2 times I’ve run 5/3/1 my bench has regressed. Right now Im hitting bench on mondays. I dont really need to go into detail about the aforementioned programs, there’s mroe than enough info on that. I need to hit bench 2x week, usually monday and thursdays to see any progression.

General how’d you do it is too vague, I’ll answer specifics. Someone PM’d me asking for an age, I just turned 22 2 weeks ago. Ive been lifting since 14 starting at a 1rm with 60lbs @ 98lbs bw

Nice PR not more until you hit that double bwt bench

It’s already dbl bw…

[quote]Efeguwewe wrote:
It’s already dbl bw…[/quote]

Ha I had a brainfart lol I was thinking for some reason 350 was 2x 150 clearly I was wrong