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350 Method Circuit Style

Hey Paul,

Welcome! Glad to see you’ve got a section here! Had a question regarding your 350 method.

Would you change anything about the protocol if you were doing 3 exercises circuit style? Say something like - Floor press, DB row, Ab wheel.


I totally wouldn’t do it that way at all. The focus is to get 50 reps over 3 sets with a 2 minute rest. If you’re doing other movements in there as well, you’re tapping out ATP and glycogen which will reduce the effectiveness of the protocol.

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Thanks for the feedback Paul, I’ll hold off on combining the two.

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Hello Paul,
I would like to ask you about how to implement 305 methodi into my 3th fullbody day workout. Train 3 times a week, day 1 and day 2 I train 5/3/1 fulbody from Jim Wendler.
On 3th day I do full body unilateral exercises.
A) Bulgarian split squat BW + Chin up
B) One single leg press
C) Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
D) One arm DB press
E) One incline DP press
F) Cable row one arm
G) Abs + Curl

I would like this day use like “hypetrophy” day. Can I use your method 350 for B,C,D,E,F or is too much in one session?

THank you

What is your main training goal???

I want to gain mass, I started lifting 2 months ago so I´ am very very weak. For example my squat is 3 x 70kg, bench press 3x60kg, 4x chin ups.
Thats why I have chosen fullbody program 531 but my purpose is gain weight. I look like a runner from Senegal.
So I have got 2 days are mainly “strength” days and 3th is for hypertrophy but If I had to chose, I would pick up hypetrohpy.

How come there’s so much single leg work in there? I’d also ask that…

I have Bulgarian squat like “warm up” only with BW. And then leg press and stiff dl. I respected fullbody suggestion “one exercise for quads and one for hamstrings”.
As I mentioned before, do you think that program "guaranteed muscle mass"is capable for me as a beginner even when I can do only 3-4 chin ups a no weight dips?
Or is it possible implemente your method 3-50 and 1x85,70% AMRAP, 50% with some full body or whole/upper/lower 3 times a week?

I know you probably, flame me out or ban me on your forum, but is this possible like that?:

Day 1) Whole body
A. Deadlift 85% x 1, 75% x AMAP, plus a 50% set
B. single leg press set 350 Method
C. Bench Press 85% x 1, 75% x AMAP, plus a 50%
D) Dumbell Row 2 sets of 8 then 2 sets of 12, as heavy as possible
E. Pulldown (any grip or handle is fine) 350 Method
F. Barbell Curl 350 Method

Day 2) Lower
A. Front Squat 85% x 1, 70% x AMAP, plus a 50% set
B. Stiff Legged Deadlift 85% x 1, 70% x AMAP (no 50% set)
C. Lunge (walking or in place) 5 sets of 10-20

Day 3) Upper
A. Overhead Press 85% x 1, 75% x AMAP, plus a 50% set
B. Weighted Dip 350 Method
C. Dumbbell Row 350 Method
D. Chin (wide, narrow, or v-bar) 5 sets of AMAP
E. Dumbbell Curl 350 Method

You dont have to answer. I found everything here:

I will try it as it is written.


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