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350 Each of Test and Deca for Years?

Is it really that insane to do 350 test and 350 deca for years? I’m 41, labs are great, feel and look great… really that bad to continue for years?

Prob healthier than obesity etc…

Idk give it a try and report back in a few years


it’s not good for you at all

Cardiac complications would be a serious concern

Can’t give a longer reply as I only have my phone on me at the moment

It’s not good for you at all. Google LVH and see if it’s something you want. The only people who have “safely” used deca for years are AIDS patients, and for them it’s essentially the lesser of two evils.

And maybe it is healthier than obesity, but nobody said you have to be either obese or use nandrolone until your heart explodes. You can actually just do neither of those and go about your life.

I agree.

Here’s my deal, I have to stay “legal” and can only use meds from “hrt clinics” if you get my drift. So I can’t use primo, EQ etc.

Access to GH releasing peptides etc (hgh is 500 for 15 units!!), but the increase in igf scares me about lymphoma etc…

Can get oxandrolone but it crashes my lipids bad.

Then there’s deca but as we mentioned above bad for heart and CNS.

Any recommendations? Stick with trt and blast 400 deca for 12 weeks a year?
Or short blasts with oxandrolone and prop? Or stick with trt and maintain TT levels around 1000 and add mk677 or ipramelrelin (sp?)… looking for gains with health in mind.

This week I will be posting about this exact blast and my plans going forward. So I have a bias towards that idea.

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I did 6 weeks prop eod and 50 mg oxandrolone for 6 weeks (all from a us pharmacy), great results but my ldl went from 100 to 188 and my hdl went from 46 to 17…

Now, one month after it normalized

Also I did arimidex with that so I wonder if I did nolva my numbers would be different?

Yeah, I have freakish lipid genetics, so taking anavar for 14 weeks didn’t really nudge my HDL/LDL more than a few points. Ditto AST/ALT.

If you want to stay on the legal(ish) side you can always order some designers that are still sold in UK/EU as “prohormones” and get serious results without going full black market. I’m taking Epistane, Methylstenbolone, et al.

I think blast and cruise is a much better option than running 700 mg gear a week forever.

Blasts could be short ester 8 week blasts to keep your time on lower and maximize health. Use test prop and npp as your blast instead of deca and test e or c.

Agree but I have to stay legal, I can only get
Test prop, cyp and E
Nandrolone deconoate
Hgh but it costs 500 for 15 units
GH releasing peptides etc

Any ideas of safe blasts?

Maybe just prop 100 EOD and low dose oxandrolone at 25 mg all for 8 weeks?

Love nandrolone but I need to run it long to see real good results and I keep hearing how bad it is for vascular endothelial and cns issues

From what you have access to, it’s what I would do.

Isn’t it typical to take 4-6 units per day? If so, that is completely out for almost everyone. Can’t spend 1000 a week on gear.

I’m guessing the units are xmg vials rather than IUs. Because even pharma GH isn’t that expensive.

Hrt clinics have a huge mark up, they quoted me 505 dollars for 17 units. Insane.

Reason is they wanna push the peptides, they have a much higher profit margin…

Mk677 for instance, they get for 3.75 (I saw the pharmacy formulary) and they sell it for close to 10 dollars per 25 mg tab.

Hrt clinics/pharmacys are selling mk677?

I thought it wasn’t regulated for human consumption…

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Yes. Empower pharmacy has it, wells pharmacy on and on.

My clinic did GH for $850/mo. That’s 2iu/d. That’s ~$14/unit. Yours was asking more than double that. How stupid are their clients? Because obviously someone is willing to pay that amount. Totally insane.

Damn… I need to go to one of these clinics

I’m new here, are you able to pm me your clinic name?

No PMs here. But my doc stopped doing GH about six months ago. Basically he said that he didn’t want to have to justify all the prescriptions in men who didn’t strictly need that treatment. So he switched to peptides. Much cheaper.