35 Yr Old Lifter, 1st Cycle Advice?

I’m 35 yrs old and under the Iron since my early 20s. I think I almost reached my genetic potential and I wanna start my first cycle. I consider a 3 month on 6 month off cycle with 250 mg of Test E e7d.

Do I need anything else like Tamoxifen etc. with a moderate dose like this?
I dont know exactly what to take as PCT. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

I’m going to be 36 soon, so here’s my take from the perspective of someone who’s your age.

You should get blood work before you do anything else. See what your natural levels are, have a baseline, and use that data to access your recovery after your first three months on. But I’m not sure that you’re going to get huge benefits (more on that in a moment) from 250mg/w for 12 weeks at a time. But if your natural testosterone levels are lower then you’ll definitely see some nice changes with that dosage. But it won’t be the huge kind of changes that other guys are getting from 500mg/w. Now, about the benefits…

What you’re proposing is akin to an overdosed TRT regiment, followed by a recovery period, followed by another overdosed TRT regiment, ad infinitum. I’m not sure how well you will recover after the second run onward. At 35 you’re already going to have some decline in your baseline natural testosterone levels. Shutting down for 12 weeks means you run the risk of not getting back up to your precycle levels. Every time you shut down that risk increases. So you need to ask yourself if that risk is acceptable given the likely reward. If you have good natura levels right now I don’t know that you’d want to run a cycle the way you’ve proposed. Because 250mg/w will shut you down exactly the same as 500mg/w. It almost sounds like you would be better off running a standard TRT regiment with intermittent blasts a few times a year. But without blood work you can’t really know. What is your ultimate goal? What are your stats?

Hey Thanks for the answer. I did bloodwork 3 month ago and my T-Level is in the lower normal range. The doc said 3 - 9 is normal and I am at 4. I live in Germany and its almost impossible to get a TRT here if your under 70 years. If I understand you right, you would do 500 mg a week to get more bang for the buck?
My goals are to get more muscular. Im just the normal guy who likes muscles. And of course, as I age I notice a decreased libido and less energy.

my stats; Im 180cm 88kg and 12-15% bodyfat
my goal: 95 kg at 8-10% bodyfat

I’m speculating here, so don’t take this as gospel. But if you’re on the lower end of normal you’ll likely recover to some point that is at or below that current level. So post-cycle you might not see any improvement in libido or energy. It may even get worse. I think you’re a likely candidate for blast and cruise. Hell, you might not even need the blast part. Plenty of guys our age go on self-administered TRT when they live in a country where it’s difficult to get it done legitimately.

Sounds legit. How would a TRT look like? Do I need some AI or Nolva or something even I ll never get off again?

Can you explain the blast and cruise thing?

Do you have some personal experience with it?

Really appreciate your anwser

I am only answering so that I can be a part of this. I don’t use and don’t plan on using for several more years, but I still find it interesting.
Kt is to my knowledge though that you will want an AI during cycle, just incase you start seeing things like gyno and other negatives show up. I also heard that Nolva is typically used in PCT. I also believe blast and cruise is to use the same cycle for the rest of your life, and never come off of it. I could be wrong about these, as I have only done basic research that was all informal, but that is why I would like to be a part of this. So that I can learn a little more about this.

So a typical TRT regiment will be 150-200mg/w of testosterone (usually cypionate when doctor prescribed) with .5mg arimidex (anastrozole) twice a week. That part is not set in stone. Some guys need more AI, some guys don’t need one at all. Blood work maybe six weeks in to a self-administered TRT would be the best way to get an accurate measurement of what dose of AI you need.

Blast and cruise simply means run a cycle (blast) as you would run it, and when it ends you go back to your TRT regiment (cruise) rather than pct. I recently did a six week blast with dbol and will at some point this summer begin a 12 week blast with 250mg of test (and maybe something else) in addition to my current TRT.

The long term risks of blast and cruise is the increased chance of infertility, and any other side effects one might get from a particular compound. I recently read a study about the efficacy of TRT in men who suffered hypogonadism (both primary and secondary) and the results were disappointing. Basically TRT did not change their lean body mass to fat mass ratios in any meaningful way. The good news was there were no real issues with overall health related to long term testosterone usage. I honk that for the average guy who goes on TRT there is probably a lack of understanding about how sleep, diet, and training create a healthy, muscular body. But for those of us that do take care of ourselves, that put the time in at the gym, and that monitor our diet as if our lives depended on it (and let’s be honest, our life DOES depend on it), long term testosterone usage is a huge benefit as we age. I think that if it were me I would run a cycle, run my pct, and then get my blood work done to see if recovery was a realistic expectation. If you don’t recover to a level that makes you feel adequate then you can think about doing TRT for yourself.

Or—and this is wildly irresponsible of me to even suggest it, but I will anyway—you could find out what it takes to get a doctor to prescribe TRT in Germany and then run your cycle and do a half-assed pct. You show up at the doctor and get blood drawn after you’ve been shut down for eight weeks and only did say a week of pct, your levels might be low enough to qualify for TRT by the standards your country has set. But of course I would never advise that. That would be gaming the system of a country that I don’t live in and I would never suggest that we use cleverness to get around dumb, arbitrary rules…

Great, thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.
I think I will run a normal cycle with pct and then I’ll see if I can recover from it. If not, the self administrated PCT is an Option.


I’m 40 been on trt since 34
Protocol is simple but depends on your labs…
Pretty common is 200mg test cyp weekly then anastrozle.25 - .50 EOD & hcg 500 units per week
Some guys bang the 200 all at once but for nicer steady feeling cut dose into 2 shots Mon & Thurs…then you won’t be such an asshole Sunday…the anastrozle & hcg is kinda up to u…u gotta feel your body out…easist indicator is bloated feeling…that = bump ai… if nuts achy bumb hcg… also if u want more anti aging benefits & higher sex drive HGH 2-3 iu daily
As far as cycle…u gotta be at 500 for the kinda gainz that drops panties
On side note yes trt & cruise & blast lifestyle has down side… now my blood is super thick in the high range 17-19 hemocrit so I gotta dump blood every 8 weeks…also spine density has increased that’s a result of trt they say…but I know it’s from over use of T aka running cycles

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