35 YO, 6'2 & 185 - How Often Should I Train Legs?

So im doing the 5/3/1 program and am seeing results.
Lifts are increasing.
Did 265x11 on squat yesterday.
My question is, how often should i be training legs? they are by far my weakest area, i could add 20lbs and prolly not even notice. Right now i do bench one day and deads the next, take a day off and do shoulder press one day and squat the next. Should i do legs like 2 or three times a week if that is my main focus?
I would say i am def a hardgainer. I am very active and try to eat around 3500 calories a day. i know i dont get it every day but i try.

What does
Your current leg day look like? I can do a leg day that will take a week to recover and I can do a leg day that I could do everyday

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so for the 5/3/1 scheme my training max is 280, so i usually do a couple warm up sets with 115 and 135, then do the 3 set rep scheme per the week, so this weekk was 75,85,95% of 280, last set for as many reps i can do to failure. then i get 6–9 sets of hamstring exercises, and 3-9 more sets of quad stuff, then do 3 sets of calves

Are you following an actual 5/3/1 template or just pulling from his style and making your own? Doesn’t he usually give you your work days and rest days?

I.follow the template but do my own schedule.

How often does he suggest doing leg days in the template you are copying

I feel your concern. I was 6’0" and 169lbs at 19 years old with relatively long legs for my height. Long legs are an uphill battle.

My biggest concern that could be holding back your progress is, Do you squat deep enough and I don’t mean ass-to-grass low? I mean 3 white lights powerlifter deep, barely below parallel. Most tall guys have a difficult time getting parallel. And if they do, is it your most efficient movement (or bar path)?

A video of you squating would be very helpful. Can you post a video?


Once a week

I can post one soon.

Have you tried the Hardgainer program?

On the other three days you can do sled work, or single leg assistance.

@dagill2 is running some cracked out version of 531 hybrid with Krocs plan here. Or you can run it as written.


is this one workout a week on krocs plan?

Yes, one week heavy, one light/volume

I made squatting a priority- and was squatting 3x a week for many man months.

you can vary the set rep loading and tempo schemes
or even the exercises - but basically this was a 531 total body template-
where I did some kind of squat row and bench each time I trained.

I also did a 2 day a week 531 where I squatted once a week and made gains both times-

Cyclists never squat but have Huge legs. Check out:

Lots(100s) of body Squats also promotes leg growth. Give your body a reason to grow them legs. .02č