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35 Years Old, Training for a Year


I am 35 years old and started working out just over a year ago. I am 5'10" and started at 203. Now I am down to around 170 and am trying to get rid of the fat around my waist and get some more size going on. My chest is really lagging but I am working on it. Any critics or ideas on how to get bigger?

Here are some older pics and some within this last week.
you can't read the text in the pics.
the one on the left is from July and the one on the right is from august.


This is from 2 days ago.


another from front


close up of upper back


Legs. Need a tan...


I am looking to buy some supps but I am on a tight budget. I drink protein, usually 3 times a day, once pre wo, once post wo and once for a morning "snack". I also take creatine.

I am really looking to make some big gains, I just spent 12 weeks on a low carb diet and lost 8 pounds and a lot of fat around the waist. Need to start adding bulk without fattening up.


great work! start working like an ectomorph and you will see gains fast.

But boy do u need to work hard over the next 6 weeks.

Good luck.


If on a tight budget my recommendation would be the Grow! Premium Quality Whey sold her as well as the Creatine. BCAA's and Surge if you can squeeze em in. Good job on starting the process of getting in shape and growing some muscles and losing the fat.



Good progress. What routine and eating plan did you use?


thanks guys...
I want to gain big but I don't want to gain back a lot of the fat. I will really have to watch it.

Thanks for the advice Dedicated. I was looking the BCAA and I am running low on protein so maybe I will give the Grow! a try.
I am taking Creatine now and have thought of trying some NO but I just don't know about it yet.


I started last year with Body for Life. I kept on that for a while but didn't keep with the workout once I started reading Muscle and Fitness. I kept up with the diet of eating 6-8 times a week but changed up my workouts and gained some muscle and lost some fat, i started at 203.

Just over 12 weeks ago I started the TNT diet and workout from Men's Health. I lost 8 pounds(178 down to 170) of fat and gained some muscle, as far as I can tell anyway.
I haven't had a Body Fat measurement but I am thinking I am around 15%?

Right now I am on a Muscle and Fitness workout in the magazine. It is only 4 weeks but it is one exercise per body part. This week it is 8x8, next is 10x10, then 12x12 and finally it is 15 sets fo 15 reps. Workout the same body part twice a week. We'll see how it goes.


normally one should change workout eveyr 6-8 weeks or so for the body to adapt,but you change like the weather does.
do rather 2 exercises per bodypart, 4 sets per exercise and begin with 15 light,12 70%of one rep max,then 8-10 then 6,do this pyramid style .

hope this helps.


Britishmuscle...thanks for the advice. The workout I am on now is only 4 weeks, I just want to try it and see what happens. I was doing single body parts per day before the Mens Health workout and will either go back to that or 2 parts per day workout with 2-3 different lifts per bodypart?

I want to add 2 inches to my arms and I read that it takes abourt 10 pounds of muscle to add 1 inch so I am shooting for a weight of 190, but I want to be down to 10% BF or less by next year? We'll see.


I'm curious to see what the veterans have to say about this advice.


Ill upset the apple cart.You have done a great job ,more power to you.If yuo wanna gain size(without drugs) the most important factor is hard work.Cramming down food without the correct workout intensity will make you fat again.Forget the routine you read in the Weider crap mags,its all written by middle aged journalists to sell Weider products.do the following LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT


2 sets 8/12 reps 4/4 protocol in PERFECT form,to failiure. as soon as you get to 12 up the weight YOU MUST PROGRESS BUT IN STRICT FORM.3 times weekly,if you feel you need more you not training hard enough.if its too much, cut back to only failiure on mon /fri workouts,if thats to much still,cut back to twice a week.Read all the Nautilus bulletins.

They are directed at guys like you and me(ie average length muscle insertions)i wasted 5 years with the "chanpions workout" now im training twice weekly on a similar routine,and making progress for the first time in YEARS and im 47,hope this helps.


sorry i made an error with the previous post.I missed out deadlifts.(im such a donut)


Your list is fairly similar to the exercises used in Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" program. I've never heard anything but good comments about that program. I found squatting every time a bit taxing, so I changed it to the following (with the recommended 3-4 warmup sets per exercise):

Day 1:

Squat 3 x 5
Overhead press 3 x 5
Weighted pullups 3 x 5

Day 2:

Deadlift 1 x 5
Bench press 3 x 5
DB row 3 x 5


Yeah i hear ya but, too many sets,not enough reps,traning on consecutive days,split routine ?nah.got to be full body plenty of rest.couple of sets max.im doing 8 sets full body twice weekly,ok im using mostly Nautilus,so my workout is more efficent,but im f*** for a day after training,so consecutive days are out.think recovery ability!!


I was planning on starting a plan in 3 weeks of:
Day 1

Bench Press 4x8-12
flyes 4x8-12
Cable crossover 4x8x12

EZ bar curl 4x8-12
Hammer curl 4x8-12
chin 4x8-12

Day 2

Full squat 4x8-12
Dead Lift 4x8-12 or Romanian dead lift maybe(want to watch the back)
DB Lunges 4x8-12

DB OH press 4x8-12
Side Lateral Raise 4x8-12
Front Lateral Raise 4x8-12
DB shrugs 4x8-12

Day 3


Day 4

Bent over Row 4x8-12
Seated Cable Row 4x8-12
Lat Pull down 4x8-12

EZ bar skull crusher 4x8-12
DB Overhead extension 4x8-12
Weighted Bench Dips 4x8-12

Day 5

Ab work, probably super sets for 30 minutes?

Rest on Day 6-7.

What do you guys think?