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35 Years Old - Looking for Opinions

Honest opinion please.

I know I haven’t got a shit load of muscle but that’s not what I’m going for.

Just trying to look athletic : )!

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Hey man, welcome to the board. Honestly, you are at a better starting place than many. You are not really athletic looking yet though. What does your diet & routine look like? Physical job? Lifting stats/history? Do you do athletic things?

My diet is improving. Not at the stage of eating 6 small meals or whatever a day yet though. Definitely haven’t got a physical job! Lift weights but could be a lot more consistent with it. Running, hiking, and weights mainly. No drugs - partly because I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m doing. Just started creatine 2 weeks back.

Sounds like you know what you gotta do. Consistiency is key. If I can offer a bit of advice, it’s to find your maintenance caloric requirement. Basically just count (don’t restrict yet) calories & weigh yourself 2-3 mornings per week. Determine how much food you need to stay the same weight, then you can manipulate calories to grow bigger or smaller. For me, ~3200cal/day keeps me ~190lb. I’d like to get to 200lb so I’m trying to eat 3800/day.

What does your routine look like? You look to be carrying some muscle in your upper body.

With your goals, I recommend a low carb diet, meat and veggies. You’ll melt the skinny fat and build lean. Simple, yet hard to stick to. Guys our age forget that forgetting to limit carbs sometimes is a detriment. Played that game for years.

If you want lean athletic, dump the carbs and get all your carbs from fiber rich veggies. Fatty protein is also your friend for a few months.

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Would you include Legumes?

Minimal legumes. You can add carbs like beans and potatoes after you hit a lean vascular look. I’m a fan of Keto to get lean fast but it sucks out your glycogen so a carb day a week will help.

Low carb, specifically Keto may make you feel a little tired at first, but make sure you get some sea salt, magnesium and potassium through it. If you do a Keto diet for 2 months religiously you’ll be lean as hell fast, and if you are lifting you’ll see a lot of progress.

Best to get a macro app to see where you are in fats, protein and carbs daily.

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Thanks alot

And don’t worry about 6 meals a day at this point. If you are burning fat you want to eat only in an 8 hour window until you get the fat stripped well enough. I dropped 34 lbs in 3 months on Keto combined with intermittent fasting. Meaning I started at lunch and only ate up to 8pm. Usually 2 fat and veggie rich meals (50% of the fats come in healthy fats like avacado, olive and coconut oils added).


Am: coffee with coconut oil or butter mixed in and wait until lunch to eat. But if you need breakfast do avocado, eggs and bacon.

Lunch: almonds, chicken or protein like a double hamburger with cheese minus the buns, and green veggies/salad.

Snacks: avocado or almonds or celery with natural peanut butter. Coconut oil tablespoon can be added.

Dinner: steak or pork with double, triple servings of veggies. Make sure the veggies are green beans, Brussels, broccoli, zucchini. Salads.

You’ll need the sea salt and supplements I listed earlier if you do the high fat moderate proteins and really low carb diet. Notice the only carbs are from the veggies.

Just track the macros so that fat is 65-70%, protein is 20-25% and carbs 5-10 max.

Also YouTube Keto recipes for variety. You can make lasagna with sliced Thin zucchini in place of the the pasta, spaghetti with meatballs with zucchini spaghetti, instead of rice do fine chopped cauliflower soured in butter and garlic. Stir fry over the cauliflower etc.

Tricks of the trade.

Yeah man, pick 100 people off the street these days you will ne in the top 5%. You have a good frame. Get your diet dialed in (lifestyle change, diet is a bad word) and make cardio your daily routine