35 Years Old! Is All Fun for the Young?

I will turn 35 this year, and will complete 17 years in the gym (with breaks, Some short, some not so short) in March 2022.

I get lean, then regain fat, have started getting more niggles and little injuries almost every week. have started doing dedicated mobility routines before every workout now, but can’t seem to escape injury … nothing too serious to restrict daily life, enough to spoil workouts though…

need advice on 2 points

  1. Is mobility (stretching, warm-up , foam rolling etc) overrated, or necessary. I feel better personally, but i have read articles from seriously good trainers who say if body asks for extra mobility work, your form and technique probably suck…

  2. are the workouts listed on the site generally targeted at a younger lot??

My goal is to be able to lift till the day I leave the world (hopefully happy)

Friends my age who lift keep eating my head saying don’t lift heavy, but it brings me joy. and probably separates me from the next guy…

I have worked up to a spotter-less squat of 190kg , conv deadlift 230 kg and 90 kg OHP. I avoid the bench .

5’9" (keep hovering around 100kgs, ideally want to be in the low 90s), would take advice on body weight set point via another post!!

all advice welcome…

hope everyone is safe from covid-19

As a fellow 5’9 lifter, 35 years old, training since 14…

I never do mobility work or stretching. During COVID, I broke a multi-decade long streak of NOT stretching to engage in some serious stretching just to pursue some flexibility goals as SOMETHING to do during COVID, and subsequently suffered a torn hamstring and later torn abductor during a deadlift and squat workout respectively. I have since stopped stretching and have experienced no further issues.

I have not found workouts restricted by age.

The heaviest I have ever been at this height is 217lbs (slightly less than 100kg). The leanest I’ve been was 80kg. I tend to perform best right around the 88-90kg mark.


You answered your own question. Most people say don’t do something to feel better about themselves. If you are not seriously injuring yourself or others, and it makes you happy, do it!

I think most of the programs on here are doable for any age as long as you apply some common sense, eat, rest and recover properly. I may have to take a little long rest between sets because that’s what seems to work best for me.

Start a training log and give it hell. Welcome aboard.


I am a little over 10 years older than you and just like @T3hPwnisher I don’t do any real stretching or mobility work. I will get the odd massage if I am feeling beat up but this is more because I like it rather than it solves any issues I am having at the time.
I don’t think age is a factor when doing any of the programs on here. And 35 is deff not old enough to be worried about it.


massages here are more about happy endings here :rofl:

What ever floats your boat mate

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I’m nearly 20 years older than OP, never bothered with stretching or mobility for weights (I did for specific sports). I’ve never had a weight-training related injury.
I set all of my PBs for lifts in my early 40s, I’d say at 35 you’re just getting started in terms of absolute strength.


i’m so glad to hear this!!
thank you

I’ll be 35 in a few months, don’t do mobility work or stretching and the only ill effects I experience is having 10 extra minutes to lift in.

Nothing else to add, simply another data point for you.

One more thing to add: the biggest difference I’ve noticed with aging is that my body is a lot less forgiving of poor nutrition.

31 years older than you, 66. Been lifting for various different goals and sports since 12. 188 cm (6’ 2"), 97.5k (215). Have never had a sports injury. Lots of other kinds. When lifting I do a warm up set and when throwing (Master’s Athletics- shot, discus, etc.) a few warmup throws. I do do some stretching when doing martial arts. All this being said everyone is different. At 35 I was still lifting very heavy. Still lift relatively heavy in some of my lifts. Do the lifts right, pay attention to how you body feels, rest when you need to. Can’t say much about the lifts on this site. Pretty much do the same lifts with certain variations I’ve always done. Only place I go is here on the 35+ forum and there’s enough knowledge from those here for me. Look forward to reading your posts.

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You are very humble mate. Don’t listen to this OP He is still killing it and puts most of us to shame.


I’ll be 43 next week and I do a lot of mobility work and stretching. I did nearly none throughout most of my 30s and I’m paying the price for that now.

I was a competitive powerlifter for 18 years or so with best raw lifts of 545, 413, 606 at 250ish (I competed in the 264# class in my last couple of meets). Who knows where I’d be had I done the mobility work and the stretching before I got banged up, perhaps in the same place I am now, but I doubt it. I can still train relatively hard, but I’m not squatting, benching and deadlifting any longer and so my lifting in my 40s doesn’t look much like I thought it would look when I was in my 30s.

My advice would be to spend some time figuring out if you’ve got any mobility deficiencies and then to spend 10-15 minutes a day doing something to address them. I’m convinced that if I’d spent that kinda time in my 30s I’d be in a better spot now than I am – the whole an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure idea.


I’m 52 now and train for power and Climbing all my life.
When i was younger i did a lot of streching. Then i read an article about training and streching and the function of muscles. Then i started to train the muscle always over the full range and do more for the counterpart. Since this i become more flexible.
I have fun to train hard with weights and bodyweight training. If anybody tells me to stop it because it is to hard fore my age i will laugh about him and tell him he is to weak for his age.
I often train we a guy who is 72 and he can do singlearm pullups !!!

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I’m 48 and have trained on and off for years - semi serious the past 3-4 years.
Have never really done much mobility work and am discovering that I have really lousy mobility, which is annoying because there is stuff I can’t do. Like not being able to do front squat because I can’t get the hands far enough down to rest the bar.

So should probably have had some focus on this while i was younger. Oh well.


respect big man!!

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happy birthday in advance…


I agree with this. You can scale almost anything with regulation of intensity and/or load.

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