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35 Year Old First Cycle - Test Cyp


Am in the process of putting together what will be 15 weeks of 400mg of cypionate a week…am trying to sort out the correct arimidex dosage while I’m on it as well as sort out wether to run hcg during…towards the end of…or as part of pct…also still trying to figure out clomid or nova…looking for dose specific replies with some facts as to why I should follow the prescribed protocol…


Arimedex or Aromasin, pick one however asin is much easier on the body in my experience.

Running 15 week cycle will mean your gains will eventually taper off since the body will adjust to the test dose just how doctors tell you to take 3 advil instead of 2 while on prolonged use of meds…etc, you will have to eventually increase the dosage, most likely around week 12-13…when i say taper off you will know what i mean.

HCG should be used for 1-2 weeks after last pin and before PCT, select one nolva or clomid, people tend to keep more gains after clomid but the side effects from clomid can be extensive, nolva seems to help more in cushioning your estrogen and sides are minimal but more muscle loss while on it.


Bro if u don’t mind please explain the hcg and clomid aspect of this…how soon after last pin should I begin hcg?? At what dose do u suggest and why?? And for how long?? Also what do you mean when u say nova is better at "cushioning ur estrogen?? And what side affects from clomid should I be concerned with…finally I imagine I would want to run the ai as part of the pct correct?? Just want to be fully informed before I start this…thanks man