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35% (or Less) Fat With Real Food?

Whenever I have calorie-counted real meals, with real flavour, my own fat intake, as a percentage of calories has always been well over 50%. I figured maybe that was due to my penchant for food that tastes good :slight_smile: But … then I found this article which actually counts all the fat/calories in what looks like a low-fat meal, and I see that I can not be the only one:



Personally, I started adding more raw animal fat to my diet for health reasons. I am now trying to determine how to work with this paradigm and still achieve a 10% or less BF.

I got about half way through the article before my eyes glazed over - I haven’t had enough coffee yet today. I may try to go back and finish it later. :slight_smile:

As to your question of eating raw animal fat (as part of a balanced diet) and achieveing <10% bf, I suspect that’s entirely do-able, depending upon how you go about it.

Any sensible diet that provides a good source of muscle-building protein, together with healthy-fats and mainly low GI carbs (fruits and veggies) is fine. Couple this with eating the right amount, at the right times; with frequent bouts of strenuous, intense exercise for several hours a week will get you there.

You want to make sure you’re getting more than just saturated fat of course. I take it you’re up to speed on the nutritional information (fat/protein ratios, carb-loading at various times, post-workout nutrition etc.) you can find in the articles section here?

I too eat some “raw meats” (as in smoked salmon) and I consider it to be an excellent food; the fat content is high and it’s all the right kind of fat.

Out of interest, what kinds of raw animal fat are you eating, by the way?


Right now, mostly raw wild salmon, raw eggs, raw cheeses, raw wild oysters, and soon to start trying some bone marrow (the stuff that has the taste and texture of butter).

If I can get regular access to raw goats milk, that will be added as well.

I’ve yet to really try raw organs or game. But I would like to, if I can guarantee that the animals were grass fed and healthy.