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35 on TRT for 9 Weeks, Looking for Feedback

Aloha! I’ve been lurking for the last two months since I began TRT. A little bit about me, I’m 6’3", 260 lbs, no medications or prescriptions ever in my life. When I married my wife 6.5 years ago, we stopped using iodized salt. I played sports all through high school and was very active until I graduated from school 6 years ago and began my career. I have very little to no facial hair and to this day only shave 1-2 times a week. I have no body hair other than my armpits and pubes. My wife has always called my scrotum a “coin purse” because she says it’s small, so based on all of that, I believe that I have had low T for my entire life. I look back to high school and college and even though I was putting serious time in the gym and eating right, I could never get big. The only time I was able to gain any size is when i was living in the Dominican Republic and I began taking Anabolex (oral form of Dbol) for approximately six months in my early 20’s. At the time of taking it, I had no idea that it was Dbol and thought it was just a weight gaining supplement.

Now back to my recent experience with the TRT and the clinic. I had been considering getting checked for years. I started talking to a new guy at work that had been on TRT for about 5 years and he finally convinced me to make an appointment. I went to a place called Life Restore in Honolulu and they ran two separate blood panels before I was prescribed T and Anastrazole. Here are the results of my first two draws:

Total Testosterone: 204 ng/dl (250-1,100)
Free Testosterone: 45.3 pg/mL (35.0-155.0)
AST (SGOT): 22 U/L (14-43)
ALT (SGPT) 30 U/L (12-58)
PSA: 1.1 ng/mL (0-2.5)
Estradiol: <20 pg/mL (0-47)
WBC: 6.5 10(9)/L (3.8-11.2)
RBC: 5.57 10(12)/L (4.4-6.0)
Hemoglobin: 14.7 g/dL (13.4-17.2)
Hematocrit: 46.6% (39.5-49.7)
MCV: 83.7 fL (80-100)
MCH: 26.4 pg (27-33)
MCHC: 31.5 g/dL (32-36)
RDW: 14.3% (11-15)
Platelet Count: 222 10(9)/L (150-450)

Total Testosterone: 219 ng/dL (250-1100)
Free Testoterone: 45.3 pg/dL (35.0-155.0)

I began TRT on 9/7/2017 before receiving the results of the second lab. I started with 200 mg of Test Cypionate once a week and 1 mg of Anastrazole the day after injection. After three weeks and lots of reading, I knew that I needed to switch to twice a week. I went in and spoke to my doctor and he told me that it sounded like I wasn’t getting enough t-cyp, so he upped my dose to 220 mg a week/once a week. I did that for one more week and went back again and really pushed going to twice a week. Finally, I got what I was looking for and they allowed me to go to twice a week. You may be asking why I just didn’t do that on my own in the first place. Well, the reason is that this clinic only gives you one month of t-cyp at a time and it is already loaded into the syringes. So, on the fourth week, they upped my dose again to 240 mg a week and allowed me to do twice weekly injections of 120 mg each and I split my Anastrazole in two. I have run that for 5 weeks now and am starting to feel much better. Since starting TRT, my mood and energy levels have improved greatly, morning wood is almost ridiculous, I last much much longer with my wife, and my desire to do work is back. I’ve also noticed that I actually want to play and interact with my children now and my desire for social interaction has increased. I’m definitely a happier individual.

As far as vitamins, I began taking a multi-vitamin, Vitamin D, an Iodine supplement, and a selenium supplement. I am also mostly vegetarian and try to be as vegan as possible, but it is hard given where I live and the industry I work in.

Regarding the clinic I go to, it’s not the best and I know that. My doc is a former OBGYN and has switched to being an anti-aging clinic. I live on Oahu and the healthcare system out here is not the best. It is really hard to find a doctor, let alone a good one. I feel like I’m not getting the absolute, best care, but I don’t feel like I’m too far off, so I am sticking with this doctor because he actually listens to me. Just yesterday, when I went to pick up my lab results, I sat down with him and talked about HCG. He said that the only reason he doesn’t prescribe it is because there isn’t a pharmacy in Hawaii that will fill the prescription and it costs $100 for a month supply and takes 7-10 days to get it shipped from the mainland. He told me that if I wanted to start that he had no issues with that and would prescribe it if I wanted it. So far, the only negatives are the weak blood panel that they do and a nurse that told me that there is no need for estrogen in men. He said that we absolutely don’t need it. I have since requested to not be seen by that nurse and only be seen by the doctor.

I just had another panel done last week and got the results back yesterday. Here they are:

Total Testotersone: 857 ng/dl (250-1100)
Free Testoterone: 245.2 pg/mL (35.0-155.0)
WBC: 7.2 10(9)/L (3.8-11.2)
RBC: 6.2 10(12)/L (4.4-6.0)
Hemoglobin: 16.1 g/dL (13.4-17.2)
Hematocrit: (51.4% (39.5-49.7)
MCV: 82.9 fL (80-100)
MCH: 26.0 pg (27-33)
MCHC: 31.3 g/dL (32-36)
RDW: 14.6% (11-15)
Platelet Count: 250 10(9)/L (150-450)
ALT (SGPT): 29U/L (12-58)
AST (SGOT): 22U/L (14-43)
Estradiol: 24 pg/mL (0-47)
PSA: 1.5 ng/mL (0-2.5)

The last panel was taken on my injection day (Thursday) prior to injecting. This means that I had gone 3.5 days before my blood was drawn.

So now the questions:
I know I’m at 240 mg of t-cyp. and that is considered a lot, but my TT number doesn’t seem to reflect the high amount of t-cyp. Do you guys think that I am at the right amount? I know that it’s not all about the numbers.

My TT number is within range, but my FT number is well above range. What would be the cause of this? Is there anything wrong with that?

My hematocrit levels are high. Is this just due to the fact that I was most likely dehydrated or do I need to donate blood?

Any other comments or suggestions? And yes, I have read most of the stickies, but there’s so much information in there, so I’m sure I didn’t do everything 100% correct and I apologize in advance.

They didn’t test your SHBG. The reason your TT is not that high but your free T is above range is you likely have low SHBG. You would benefit from EOD injections. Your T dose is likely too high.

The clinic I go to and Hawaii in general are behind the times. I asked the same nurse that told me that men don’t need estrogen at all had no idea what SHBG was. That’s what I’m working with out here.

That’s like saying women don’t need testosterone, without it there would be no muscle or libido. Estrogen is important for bones and your joint health. They’ve been living on a tropical island too long! That’s a really good SHBG level, should still go with twice weekly injections though.

Hey bananasananab, I actually went to that clinic as well. The doc was out of town and the nurse saw me. I had blood work done a week prior with a different doctor and short story I started on the exact same regiment as you down to the T. I was wondering if you went in to see the Doc every time or did you call in? I have been considering the exact same change and it would help if I knew how to persuade them to make the change!


brianbat420, I go in every 4 weeks and pick up 7 syringes (one injection every 3.5 days) and 4 mg of Anastrazole and they give me 1 injection while I’m there… I asked Vanessa, the short nurse, if I could get a vial of T and load the syringes myself and she said that the doctor doesn’t allow it, which is not what Caroline, the girl that draws blood, told me the time before that. I have an appointment at the end of this month and I’m really going to push getting a vial and coming in every other month, because I know some guys do that and then FaceTime with the doctor once a month. I also switched from 1 1/2" 25 ga. syringes to 1/2" 29 ga. syringes and it made all the difference. The doctor has been pretty open to all of the changes that I’ve suggested, except for getting a vial and loading myself. I also talked to him about HCG and what he told me is that there isn’t a pharmacy in Hawaii that will fill that prescription and that it would cost me over $100 a month. I have decided to continue without it for now.

I think the key to getting the doctor to go with any changes is to educate yourself on why. If you feel like you need to switch to every 3.5 from every 7, then you better have a good explanation of why and be confident. If you want to switch syringes, same thing. Just be confident when you tell him what you want. It is your health and ultimately you are in charge of what goes in you and what doesn’t. And if that still doesn’t work, Dr. Phillip Suh (don’t know if he takes your insurance) treats a guy I work with and is a lot more flexible from what I understand, so maybe go see him.

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I forgot to add that I stopped taking the flonase when I read the article listed above and I do feel a little less sickly, but that could be because it is on the tail end of cold season.

Hey brother, just checking in to see if you were successful in getting your vial!

Also, sorry for the other messages above, it was meant for another thread…

Last time I was in there I asked for a vial. I brought up the fact that the grape seed oil breaks down the plastic in the plunger and that it becomes toxic. The nurse was understanding and said that a lot of people ask for it, but that the doctor won’t allow it. I’m going to ask again when I go back in.