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35 in April, So I Guess I Belong Here! Hah

Hey all!

I had a brief stint over at bodybuilding.com but decided to give TNation a try (I didn’t quite like the atmosphere there). I’m a 34 (35 in a month) dude, weighing 181 lbs. at 5’10".

I just started training earnestly for the first time in my life (instead of on and off) and have been at it faithfully for about two months now.

I’m following a strange 8x8/6x6-10 full body program that I really enjoy - based off of one of Vince Gironda’s old workouts. I’m not sure if its the most effective, but I get it done within an hour and utilize no more than 30 seconds between sets and about 75-85% of my 1RM.
I do it Mon-Wed-Fri and take the rest of the days off. I’ve also been trying to watch my body weight and macros and am aiming for 2800 cals broken down into 385g of Carbs, 175g of Protein and 62g of Fat.

Wide Pec Dips 8x8
Chinup/Pullup Alternating 8x8
Incline Dumbbell Hammer Press 6x6-10 (Or flys, depending on day)
Two Handed Bent Over Dumbbell Rows 6x6-10
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 6x6-10
Dumbbell Bicep Curls 6x6-10
Dumbbell Lateral Raises 6x6-10
Dumbbell Thigh Squats 6x6-10
Dumbbell Calf Raises 6x15-20
Frog Situps 10x10

Anyways just saying hey and thought I’d share! (Hope it was ok to post my routine here!) Feel free to give me any input from all you advanced mofos out there. Images below - not bad for a thirty-five year old who just started… at least compared to SOME of my friends lol.