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345 Grams of Protein

I’m 345lbs, want to lose about 90 lbs, in trying to put together a diet consisting of around 2,000 - 2,200 calories, im having a hard time keeping within those numbers and taking in 345 grams of protein, even with the inclusion of 3 mrps a day, closest i get is around 250 grams of protien and about 2,200 cals. any suggestions?

At that weigth you would be smart to shoot all your calculations off of your target weight. 90lbs lighter. Carrying that much excess you are at NO!!! risk of losing LBM on a hypocaloric diet.

Shoot for 235-250grms and your good.

Hope that helps,

What is your body fat %?

You’d be better off equating your lean body mass(LBM) with the rule of one gram of protein/pound. I think that for a 2000 calorie diet, 250 grams of protein would be more than adequate.

my BMI is about 44.3

body fat is about %40

my LBM is 183.72, although i dont know how accurate that is, according to the set standards i should weigh about 190lbs at 6’2. I have a large frame and even if i was dying from aids i dont think id ever weigh 190lbs.

Don’t worry about BMI, it’s a load of crap. According to that measurement, I’m overweight at 192 and 10% BF.

weight: 345 lbs
body fat%: 40%

fat = 345 lbs x 40% = 138 lbs

LBM = 345 lbs - fat = 207 lbs

Use LBM (lean body mass) for the amount of protein you should eat. If you are trying to get one gram of protein per lb then eat approximately 207 grams of protein.


Tall Tom did the math for you and he is 100% correct. You only want to preserve LBM.

Get your protien from chicken, fish and lean meat while staying within your calorie target. The shakes will help you get to your protien target.

Make sure you keep that food journal too. It will be a big help and also help you to moodify your program as you progress.

Sounds like you are getting a good start. Good luck!

thanx for the info guys, very informative, heres a lay out of my diet feel free to critique it.


  1. natural oat meal
  2. grilled chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli
    5.green apple and cottage cheese

[quote]wastecat wrote:
thanx for the info guys, very informative, heres a lay out of my diet feel free to critique it.


  1. natural oat meal

  2. grilled chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli
    5.green apple and cottage cheese

    Mrp’s usually have too much sugar (ie more then half). Replace them with small servings of nuts, plain protien shakes, etc. The rice probably isn’t a super idea either.

    You could try to change up your carb timing (am vs pm) but at your weight the effect of such changes really don’t matter. Just eat a healthy diet whilst losing weight. I’d imagine 3±1 lbs per week is utterly reasonable. Tweak the diet once fat loss stalls.

Oh, make sure you lift and run =p

Vorn makes some good points, however, at 345 running isnt too good of an idea. each step you take when running will place 790 pounds on your foot!! power walking, swimming, stationary biking, or other low impact workouts might be better for the cardio part of your training. also, stick to the “BIG” lifts. you want to revv up your metabolism by doing compund excercises. you will maintain or increase muscle which will inturn comsume caloriesm, thereby speeding things up a bit and giving you something to look forwad to once you start approaching your goal weight.

best of luck

I need help in calculating grams into calories. For example, in a 3000 calorie diet, 1500 calories should come from protien sources, 900 calories from carb sources and 600 calories from fat sources. So that I can adhere to my diet, I have to convert calories in the above catergories into grams so that I will know how much to eat of something. Can anyone help?

Have some kind of protein with that oatmeal. You don’t want to eat a carb source without a protein, especially if you are trying to lose weight.


1g protein = 4 cals
1g carb = 4 cals
1g fat = 9 cals

i work midnights so the chicken and rice is actually more of a lunch, considering i use the gym at work and dont lift till around 10 pm i didnt think the extra carbs from the rice would be a problem. As far as the sugar in the mrps at the moment im using prolabs lean complex wich contains about 6 grams of sugar per serving.

my diet is still a work in progress, youll see ive revised it a little below ,i appreciate all the input, you guys are great.

meal #
1.oatmeal/ natural peanut butter
3.chicken/brown rice/broccoli
5.tuna fish/apple

I have one more question, i drink my last MRP before going to bed, is that good or bad?

as suggested, im keeping a food journal, carbs consumed a day are between 200 and 230 grams is that too high?
protein consumed is between 200 and 210 grams and fat consumption is between 35 and 40 grams. sorry for all the questions, im just trying to make sure my diet is efficient as possible, as im pretty out of shape im doing about 20 min of brisk walking on a treadmill along with chris’s beginner blast off program.

I think you might actually benefit by replacing some of those carb calories with fat calories. Fat is important.

Choose a different protein source than PB with that oatmeal. You want something low in fat. A scoop of protein powder or even some of that Hood Carb-Countdown Milk would be a good choice.

200g of carbs on a consistent basis is probably too high for a ~2000 cal diet aimed at leaning out. I would cycle the carbs. One or two days a week have 400g, two to three days have 100g, and two to three days a week have no carbs(or as close as possible to no carbs).
or something like this.
If that is too complicated for your lifestyle or desire, I would recommend not getting more than 100g a day.

thanks for your response apayne, i will definentley be lowering my carb intake in the near future, This is my first week of dieting and after living off fast food for the past 5+ years i dont want to sabotage myself by going overboard.