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34 Yr Old, First Cycle, Classic "How Does This Look" Topic


Hello everyone
I’m 34 years old, 1.88 cm, 109 kg %18.5-19 BF
I’m a gym-rat for about 7 years on and off now.

I’m thinking about starting a
10 week Test-Enanthate 500 mg cycle divided in 2 injections a week, with HCG injections 250IU twice a week (1 day after test injection) and Arimidex 0.25 mg EOD
Have nolvadex and clomid for PCT nolva 40/20/20/20 clomid 50/50/50/50, have arimidex for possible side effects.

  1. Should i up the dosage of HCG?
  2. How does PCT look to you? Should I go nolva only?

really appreciate the help.


I would do the HCG 3x a week at 250iu. mon/wed/fri for example.

I would only use one serm for PCT. Nolva would be my preference and i would do something along the lines of 20/20/20/20/10

Run adex and hcg from day 1 and start pct two weeks after last test injection.

Run HCG up until a few days before starting PCT


I’m really curious why don’t you run nolva and clomid together? can you explain a little?


basic explanation

there isn’t a benefit to stacking SERMS, more is not better and this often leads to excessive aromatisation which is a problem when you finish PCt as the high estrogen will surpress your HPTA. It’s a typical broscience recommendation.

I prefer nolva over clomid because it is more powerfull mg per mg and also has less side effects in the majority of users. i have used both and neither caused any side effects for me.


but clomid is partial estrogen agonist. Isn’t it something we want when restarting htpa?


Pex hit the nail on the head. I second this.


after reading countless hours I finally concluded your answer is the best. thanks mate. I started my cycle but rather than arimidex I’m using aromasin 12.5 mg eod. Thank you again.


Hi Mate - happy to help hope the cycle goes well.