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34 Years Old, First Show

3rd place middle weight. It took me 4 months to go from 238 to 184. I cant wait to compet again.

impressive weight loss… pretty shredded… good pec definition
kind of a weird angle pic though

ps u look like tony dungee (sp?)

Thanks carl, wish i had tonys bank roll.

I also get talk show host Montel, neibors call me LL( as in cool J). Funny thing is im Mexican

GUess that would make you “El El” Cool J?


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
GUess that would make you “El El” Cool J?


LOL. i found this really funny.

Just got back from taking the kids on vacation. We hit So. cali, did Knotts Bery Farm & Universal Studios. KIds had a blast. Whish I would have checked this while on vacation. I would have had an “El El” shirt made.

Hey Dan,

as someone (also 34 yrs old) who’s currently cutting down to “see what he’s got”, I was wondering what your measurements ended up being once you achieved such ‘solid’ shape?

I always freak out when the first number on the scale changes from a ‘2’ to a ‘1’, but I’m really trying to see it through this time, ignore the scale, go by the mirror, and honestly have no idea what weight I’ll end up at.

Thanks man,


Stu, dont freakout. The growth and strength after the cut is increadable. I lost 1/2 on my arms, then gained 1 inch after the show. 17.5 then down to 17, then up to 18in. My bench got out of controll and I was pushin 415 3 weeks after my show. I think it has to to with the glycogen depletion and load.

I ended up with a torn pec. so im on the comeback trail. EL EL cool J has a song that that says “Dont call it acome back” But I want the gym rats in central Cali to know Im comin back!

I know it was hard to cut with “REAL” mexican food at your disposal! I’m no body builder, but my father was, it could be just the pics, but maybe work on some of the posing. Its not bad, it just looks awkward. My father always said you have to wear your muscle like a fine suit.

It looks like you haven’t wore it for very long. I think a lot of bodybuilder forget the importance of that. Arnold understood it, also Frak Zane. Anyway you’re physique is top notch, just wear it better.

Thanks for the complement. The funny looking posse is due to the fact that the pic is from a professional photographer back stage, he had me doing some off the wall bull shit. I was however very happy with the pics. My On stage Photos are no longer on my digital. My lovely wife didnt find them important enough to save on the card.

                             My on stage possing was so dialed in I impressed all my BB friends who helped me get ready for the show. Most important It impressed the judges as well. I wish I could post the pics I have of myself 2 weeks out. My body fat is at 8% and I look fuckin huge!!!! I only wish the sport didnt demand such a ripped look. I personally think we all look better at 7-9% rather than 3-4%.    

Oh, I almost forgot, I hate greasy food. The mexican in me loves the healthy stuff, salsa and such.

[quote]GIANT DAN wrote:
Oh, I almost forgot, I hate greasy food. The mexican in me loves the healthy stuff, salsa, fajitas, whole beans and such.[/quote]

Good looking out on the food, My mother is half mexican and the Diabetes is no joke based on the “Typical” Mexican food diet.

Posing: I figured it was something like that. Damn Photographers! Don’t know what the hell their looking at sometimes!

184 @ 8%, SICK! I’ve noticed the leaner you are the bigger you look. It some kind of trick on the eye or mind or something! I remember playing Basketball with this skinny asian dude who was ripped, and I guessed his weight, i was over 20 lbs, crazy!

I’m at 220 23%, I would be content at 170 at 8%, on my way.

Keep up the good work!