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34, Testosterone Level 175

So after years of fatigue low energy ect. I got my VA Doc to test my testosterone. Two test show testosterone at 170 and 180. My doctor reluctantly said she would pricrbe me the GEl. From what I’m reading and being told is go strait to injection. She’s also trying to tell me these levels are with normal range?

Normal? that’s normal for a small Japanese school girl… and they probably have higher.

Are you still able to get any erections at that level?

Go to a different Doctor… a male doctor who knows what he’s doing… She’s a total quack if she thinks 170 T level is normal. You are WAY below any kind of normal. Something is wrong in your body somewhere causing levels that low.

In healthy men, normal testosterone levels generally range between 300 ng/dL and 1050 ng/dL and even 300 is considered low by most people… you must feel half dead.

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If you were diabetic would she “reluctantly prescribe you insulin?” What a fucking joke! Mainstream medicine has a deep hatred combined with ignorance of Testosterone.

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not the easiest thing in the world if he has to go through the VA.

But yes, your doctor is wrong.

These normal ranges are misleading, just because some guys don’t have any symptoms below a certain point doesn’t mean someone else won’t, everyone is biochemically unique and what’s normal for you isn’t normal for someone else.

The term, “you’re in the normal ranges” indicates someone who is taking the easy way out when they have no clue one way or the other.

I wish doctors would just say I’m freaking clueless and I need to do a little research instead of being lazy and taking the easy way out.

To a clueless doctor these ranges are dangerous!

Gels are garbage!

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