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33yrs, 113T/18 Free T. Starting Androgel, Affect of Protein Intake


Hello everyone, first time poster

I am in my early 30s and last month my doctor had me take a testosterone testâ?¦. As she looked over the results I could see big concern in her face and she immediately said "WOW, your T levels are 113 and free at 18!!!" We need to get you on T replacement immediately!!!

Now over the years in my 20's I had my hair recede by the age of 20 at age 26 I gained weight from 175 to 210 no matter how low my caloric intake was or working out. For the past 5 or so years I have been on a strict diet and exercise but could never drop the excess fat, particularly on my belly and my lower back. If you look at me you wouldn't say I was obese, as my frame looks OK all over except those 2 areas gut and lower back.

After finding out that my T levels are so low it started to all make sense. Could low T be the reason my hair thinned and fell out so young? A drop of T from age 28 to present (last 3 years), leading to the belly and back fat? Did low T contribute to my lack of sleep, insomnia? Would low T contribute to emotional issues (very sensitive)? How the hell could my levels be so low at 33 years old!!!!

However, one strange aspect is that through all of these issues I always have had a extremely high libido, I've always been highly motivated towards sex and women (however, the past year my erections weren't full and never have morning wood anymore).

So my doc started me on Androgel 1.62 at initial dose of 2 pumps. The first day I took it after 2 hours I got a huge rush of speed energy (not cracked out adderall energy though...it was a nice energy) That energy lasted the first week but over the last 2 weeks the energy rush has gone away. I still have more energy but itâ??s not so much like a "high" anymore. If I'm being honest I was really excited about the prospect of T therapy because of the energy, erections, muscle and fat loss benefits.

I'm 3 weeks into the therapy and to see if the T was making a difference I did not change my diet or exercise routines. I figured since Iâ??ve not been able to see any changes on this regimen, then if after the T replacement begins I see changes then it can be ruled a product of T.
I have been keeping my carbs mid level (45%), low quality fats low, and high quality animal fat (20%) and proteins high (about a gram per pound so 175-200 g p/day of protein) (35%). You guys think this is a good ratio to help the T do its job most efficiently???

I started a photo log in which I take posing pics every Saturday. From Day 1 start to week 2 (14 days) I'm starting to see that there is a combination of fat loss and muscle growth. Particularly in my chest and my arms. I've always been a good muscle gainer and I'm definitely pumped up in my chest and my arms are cutting fat so the Bi & Tri are starting to show. My abdomen sides are starting to drop fat (love handles) and my upper abs are starting to show, however I have more fat to burn around my belly button. My lower back has dropped a little. So the biggest change is now the lines of fat from my back around to my belly are more prominent, meaning I can see those stubborn fat areas better as opposed to a smooth fat all over the areas.

Because my levels were so low, my body is now able to take that T and utilize it immediately because itâ??s been so starved? Does it work like that??? The changes in 2 weeks are more then Iâ??ve seen in months!!!

I assume I should go get my levels tested again to see how much it changed and that will help me figure out the next step, if I should up the dosage or move to injections. My guess is because Iâ??m so low that this is a small dose and probably isnâ??t getting me to normal levels yet.

I see on the forums that most suggest injections, especially for people like me whom are really low, but could it be possible that my body is absorbing the gel at a higher level then most??? Or, is the reason the energy has gone down a little is because my body is stabilizing it?? I immediately am now have strong erections and morning wood and even random ones for no reason....I hear thatâ??s because Androgel helps your libido better then injections??? I like that!!!

I'd like to hear any advice you may have for me with such low levels. And do you think having a high intake of protein is contributing to the relatively quick muscle swelling or is it just fat burning off to expose my muscles (cutting effect). Could I be getting all these T positives even if I'm still below normal, since I was so low in the first place?

My end goal is to be jacked at 190-200 with body fat around 15%. Right now Iâ??m 205 22% BF. Am I on the right track with my diet? How often should I exercise to get maximum benefits of T? If the gel is absorbing correctly for me, should I still try to get the injections? (I really donâ??t mind rubbing it on etc etc., in fact I like doing it because I feel like Iâ??m dosing up haha)

Thanks guys!!!


I see that you guys like to look at the blood test results...I will grab them on my lunch break to share. To see if you guys catch anything.


Well that's a lot of information and questions. I will grab a few from my own personal experiences.

The gel; Hated it! My shirt stuck to me all the time and toward the end I ditched it over the thought of unknowingly transferring to my wife or young boys. One self injection once a week and forget about it.

Diet; Keep your protein up to 1 gram of lean body weight. I try to control my fat intake; it seems that is what makes me go up and down. Get some aerobic work in and you will peal another layer off. The increase in testosterone will help you train longer.

Muscle gains; It sound like you can make some additional gains here. With me, I have always lifted so there were no big gains to be made on 200mg of "T" once a week.

Libido; I'm going to get flamed for this but from personal experience, do not always associate high or low libido with your "T" levels. The whole sex thing does not just ride on "T"

Last and most important, if you have not heard for KSMAN here you will. Learn from him, he has done more for us guys then any Doctor ever will.


Some people in the other forum rub the gel on their taint and the taints of others I have heard.


Great, thanks for your response doublelung. yeah I know, lots of questions to which I'm realizing all my answers can be found searching on the forum here. I'll do a search on KSMAN posts.

With the injections...do they need to be done by a doctor or can we stick ourselves (you say "Self Injection") Thats the only thing I wouldbe annoyed with is making a trip to a doc office every week or 2. Is there something we just stick in our buttock cheek?

I did notice with the T I do feel like working out more often and its motivated me to want to work out harder because I see results quickly compared to before, just in these 3 weeks I see a big change so that drives me to want to not eat crappy foods and throw in some extra push-ups here and there when I have some downtime. I NEVER felt that way before. i would always get pumped up after watching some MMA and go work out, telling myself I'll stick to a workout plan...but always losing interest after a few days and falling back into laziness. Now I constantly feel like doing some type of activity (extra walking/stretching/meditation) and when I'm faced with making a food choice I don't want to ruin my efforts and progress so I grab the grilled chicken as opposed to the fried or eat a protein bar instead of a Hershey bar. I also am starting to feel "sexy" again and love the fact that I'm catching my wife doing double takes at my body. She is definitely noticing that I'm dropping fat and getting more muscular and she has been initiating oral sex a lot more (which is fan-f'in-tastic)..plus losing that fat pad is making my ding-dong look bigger haha!!

When I worked out consistently back in my early 20's I made gains quickly and have a ENDO type body so I jack up nicely....just 3 weeks of regular free weights (nothing special) I am beefing up quickly (and cutting too). I would say I am losing fat at x3 the normal rate and at 3 weeks I cannot confirm I'm seeing muscle gains or its just the illusion with the fat loss....I've always been strong under my fat. I really think because I was so deprived of T that my body has gone into overdrive on a relatively small dose of Andro. I really want to see what my levels are now because even more T would blow me up if I'm already seeing such good results at this dose. Do some people just have incredible results with T therapy and some don't??? ...And dependent on the delivery system??? A lot of people complain about Andro saying they don't feel anything when I definitely feel it. I make sure to wash my inner biceps/shoulders/and tops of feet before applying to thsose areas. Seems to be working for me.


Sounds productive...thanks for the tip!!!


Please don't do that!


...try it and report back on how that worked out. give it several months to get a good level and then tell us about your lack of libido and hair loss.


@ evox:

you def don't want to do that. It was meant as an inside humorous take on the almighty gel and its many uses.


You could waste and money time running to a doctor every week but let me caution you, you really dont want to go 14 days between injections. The high is not that high and the low is unbearable. Guys do delts, quads and glutes, some SQ but most IM. I go with the glutes since that is the way my Doc started me. According to him, there is less of a chance of a blood clot. I don't think that's a common thing but just one could ruin your day.

If I remember correctly, it's been about 3-4 weeks you have been on the gel? I didn't feel it doing a damn thing for a few weeks. Then I started waking up under a tent, that's normally the first sign. Then the energy came slowly with a boost in sex drive.

Most guys do well with the gel once dialed in. I used Testem, it comes in the tubes. My "T" did go up but not enough so the Doctor had me using 2 tubes. I think it settled in around 700 at that time. For TRT, that was my sweet spot.

I didn't gain or loose any real weight but I did have a slightly different look. My gym weights stayed about the same but then I always stayed in reasonable shape. I found TRT to be life changing at 40 but I did not need to change my life.


I was being sarcastic with the taint answer..haha...my typing context was misleading.

Fortunately I don't have concerns about further hair loss as I'm already to the point that I just shave it every other day...looks much better as I sport the "Walter White" look with the dome and gotee. I actually like it better than when I had hair. Even in just 3 weeks my libido and erections have come back full force and so has my drive to initiate sex, be it with my wife or myself.

I've noticed a huge acceleration in that department and my erections are much stronger and I've gotten a couple tents in the am. Before 3 weeks ago I had noticed that my drive was diminishing fast, never got am wood, and I could really only get a semi-erection and it was difficult to maintain, even with my wife. That all went away almost immediately so its definitely related to my T levels.

I forgot to post my blood labs but I will. I do know it was 113 and then free was 18. My doc said that was extremely low for a 33 year old.

I definitely feel like the gel is absorbing as I apply it on my biceps and particularly my triceps and then down my abdomen flanks, using my forearms. 2 hours after I apply I get a rush of energy. I also notice that I am much more dominant and alpha in social situations. I was always more Alpha but at a party over the weekend I was way more "intense and aware" of the other men and of my interactions with the females...sort of a heightened sense of the situations around me, and I also was much more aware of other men and their interactions with my wife.

It was interesting that I felt more motivated to posture at one dude who thought he was being funny with my wife by doing the flirty picking on her thing. I immediately came into the conversation and eyeballed him. It actually felt great! Not that I would have been meek and jealous about it but I just enjoyed pumping my chest a little...and my wife seemed to notice.

As far as body changes I have seen a difference as well. My chest has pumped up a little, my arm fat is decreasing to expose my biceps and triceps and my love handles, back fat and abdomen fat have gone down. Now I am on a strict diet and exercise plan so I know thats helping a lot but I was on the same plan before.
I'm curious to get another blood lab to see at what level I'm at now after a month.