33y/o, 3 Months on TRT, Need Advice

Hey guys,
New to this forum and have read a lot so now its time to share my own results and new labs to hopefully get some advise on how to move forward. I am 33 years old, 6’2 215lbs, with a pretty athletic build but i would say I am carrying around about 15-20lbs of excess fat. I work in the medical field so I have a very active job and I exercise about 2 days a week. After having my Testosterone checked in July the results came in at 257ng/dl, my primary care doc decided to offer me Test cyp 200mg injected every 2 weeks. I quickly realized after reading a lot about TRT that this was not an ideal protocol so I decided to split that and do 100mg / week. I have issues with lack of libido, ED, no energy, basically all of the typical issue with low T. Here I am 3 months later and I do feel much better. More mental clarity, about 80% of Sexual issues have subsided. Occasionally still have issue with ED. However, I still feel very sluggish and bloated. These are still my 2 biggest complaints. I am posting my most recent labs. I also have access to my previous labs ; however, what that doctor order was pretty limited. Please let me know any thoughts you guys have to help me out. In particular would like to know about HCG and anastrzol if you all think those are needed. Thanks!

580 total test may not be enough to get you where you want to be. Free test is kind of low too.
Tell your doc about your symptoms and ask to increase your dose a little. Also TSH is preferable below 1.

Thank you. I saw a different doctor yesterday and he has increased my dose to 80mg Every 3.5 days and added HCG 500 IU every 3.5 days and .125mg anastrozole twice a week. He did say to do all of this on the same day. Does this seem this seem ideal considering my labs? Thanks

Also, any insight on the lack of energy?

I think that will return after you get your levels where they should be