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335/405/500-Advice/Critiques of Program Welcome


Currently my best lifts are as follows (as of March 14, 2011)
Squat 325x3 Deadlift 405x2 Bench 315x1/300x3

Goals for the week of July 14. 2011 (all 3RM)
Sqaut:405 Deadlift: 500 Bench: 335 (currently my butt lifts off the bench when I get about 85% of 1RM so I am going to focus on fixing my form and then go for the numbers). Also I dont know if these kind of gains in this amount of time are unrealistic but I like to aim big so ill take comments on that also, thanks.
Ill only include work sets

March 14, 2011. Week 1- Day 1: Legs
Squats: 2x6 275, 2x6 280, 1x3 315, 1x2 325
Bulgarian Deadlift: 1x12 185, 1x12 195, 1x10 205
Elevated Bulgarian Split Leg Squats: 3x12 40lb DBs
Lying Leg Curl: 1x15 120lbs, 1x15 130, 1x10 135
Incline Calve Raise Machine: 6x15-25 Max Weight on machine


March 15, 2011. Week 1 Day 2: Chest/Tricep/Shoulder

Bench: 1x6 225, 1x6 235, 1x6 245, 1x6 250, 1x3 265, 1x3 275
Incline DB Press: 1x8 80, 1x8 85, 1x8 90, 1x8 95
Weighted Dips: 1x12 35lb weight between legs, 2x10 40lb weight, 1x15 No weight
BB Skullcrushers: 1x8 85, 1x10 85, 1x8 95
Decline DB Skullcrushers: 1x8 30lb, 1x8 30lb, 1x12 25lb
Tricep Pressdown: 4x10-12 80,85,90,100
Seated DB Shoulder Press: 4x6 70lb
Incline DB Lateral Raise: 1x15 25lb, 1x12 30lb, 2x10 35lb


March 16, 2011. Week 1 Day 3: Biceps
*I do not have a specific bicep day but I did feel good enough to get them done and out of the way before my leg day and then back day. Plus they are lagging so it never hurts to give them the extra attention.

BB Curls: 2x12 80lbs. 3x10 90lbs. 1x10 100lbs.
Incline DB Curls: 1x15 25lbs. 2x12 30lbs. 1x10 35 lbs.
Reverse BB Curls: 3x12 60, 70, 70lbs
Seated Single Arm Isolation Curls: 5x12 20lbs

Chin Up 5 reps superset neutral grip pullup 5 reps (5 sets)


March 17, 2011. Week 1 Day 4: Deadlifts/Legs

Deadlift*: 315x5, 345x5, 355x5, 375x3, 385x3, 395x3, 405x1
Front Squats**: 105x10, 135x10, 135x10, 155x10
Glute Ham Raises (no machine put feet under bench and push-up until legs take over): 4x8-10
Lying Leg Curls: 140x8, 140x10, 145x8, 110x20

*My form started getting thrown of around 385x3, my legs pull the bar off the ground easy but my back starts to round, the weight feels relatively light but I cant seem to keep my back from doing it.
**First time doing Front Squats. The weight was light my back again was rounding toward the bottom of my squat.

Note-With my problems with my back rounding in these two (along with the first time I did good mornings) I think I need to really focus on my lower back/abdominal strength and getting back on my heels with my lifts. It almost felt like I wasted a workout after deadlifts, I usually do boxsquats and it kills my glutes/hamstrings, but I figured I should work in some front squats.


March 18, 2011. Week 1 Day 5: Back

BB Bent Over Rows: 155x10, 165x10, 175x10, 185x8, 195x8
Single Arm Chinese DB Rows: 100x6x5
Lat Pulldown*: 135x12, 140x12, 140x12, 150x10
Chinups/Neutral Grip Pullups: 50 reps various sets

*I used ab straps instead of a pulldown bar. Gives me a great burn in my lats.

Back workout felt great today, wanted to get trap work in with it but my gym closes at 8 and I didnt get off work early enough to get it in.


Thur Sept. 29

Deadlift: 365x5, 405x5, 430x3, 315x8
Stiff Legged Defecit Dead 225x8x2
Back Hypers w/45lb plate 16x1 21x1
Lying Leg Curls 3 sets