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330 lbs. Of Terror


James Cameron, you're a prophet and maybe we'll discover
Smurf colored Aliens one day, but dammit let's take it one subject
at a time shall we?
As a video game analogy as impressive as they are these Robots are the "pong" versions.
In 2-3 decades many now will see the more mind-blowing X Box 360/Playstaion 4 version.

These eventually will we used in war, no doubt whatsoever, and think of hundreds
of these things parachuting in a still backward assed country overseas still
giving us shit...fuggetaboutit.

"Sarah Connah?"



"Please put down your liberty. You have thirteen seconds to comply."

A backward-assed country overseas still giving us shit?

Hell, I imagine hundreds of them parachuting into Detroit, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles... this is DARPA we're talking about, after all.

They will swear up and down that these battle droids will never be used on American civilians, just like they swear up and down that drone strikes will never be used on American civilians.

Well, we'll see. In a society where the police act more like the military every day, we can expect the military to start acting more and more like police. Including the androids.

Edit: I think Paul Verhoeven is a greater prophet than James Cameron. Not necessarily a better filmmaker, but certainly a better predictor of the future. Tell me that Starship Troopers didn't predict the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan down to practically the last detail.


Starship Troopers rules, and DAMN I had a thing for Denise Richards....I swear my clothes had so
much body fluids on them while fantasizing about her, that when my clothes dried in the Hamper
and I had to empty it for laundry, I took a broomstick and stuck it right in the middle of the clothes and they all would
come out at the same time molded in the shape of what they just came out of....I love you Denise.


I like Verhoeven as well, 'ahead of his time for Hollywood because they always tried to 'restrain'
him editing his Violence to tone it down for American audiences...Same thing with John Woo when he
came over here.
I DO know the Office Robot Demo scene in ROBOCOP was edited by several seconds...the one where the Cop
gets shot multiple times by that thing, Verhoeven wanted to show the absurdity of the violence to the point of being comical,
and he got his point across, but I would liked to have seen the 'longer' version of that.......powpowpowpowpowpowpowpowpow.


The scene exists. Just got to look for it. Kenny gets turned into hamburger by ED-209, who just keeps shooting and shooting, long after Kenny is dead. It's the kind of macabre humor Europeans love, but most Americans just do not get. Look at how badly Brazil (another brilliant, incredibly prophetic film) bombed over here.

A pretty good article on Cracked.com talking about how Starship Troopers predicted the future.


This film was so much better and subversive than people give it credit for.

Ah, Neil Patrick Harris in his little GeStaPo leather coat.....



I wouldn't exactly describe Heinlein as a subversive.


Well, no. Starship Troopers the book was an unabashed glorification of statism and fascism. Starship Troopers the movie was a satire of it.



It was more like an armed to the teeth libertarian utopia.

Its just that its a short road from there to statism and fascism.


Yes. A paradox, that.


That makes sense. I couldn't quite figure out when I was watching it if the movie was intended to be a satire or if it was simply a bad/sloppy adaptation of the book.

This bit on wikipedia has some interesting tidbits:


Do you see the giant cable behind the robot? That's the power / fuel source.

Until they figure out how to run that thing effectively and efficiently on a self-contained fuel, they won't be doing jack with it. As an Electrical Engineer, I can promise you that the amount of power required to make that thing function on its own, not only bearing the weight of other objects is impressive. Its not voltage, its current.

Assuming they have an inexplicably long cable to run for "forward advances" the cost to manufacture these things will be enormous. I didn't see a price listed but I would wager a few million. Thankfully, the prototype is always the most expensive and once the software has been hashed out and tested that's a big cut in expenses. Still need all the materials.

And to be especially facetious, the life of a soldier will still be considered cheaper to the government than losing one of these. Sad but true.


Varq, civilians are working on their own.


Pic didn't load first time.





Yes....a good, long lasting power source is the great and "current" (no pun intended) sticking point.
Lithium Batteries introduced around 20 years ago made lots of newer tech devices possible that followed,
but newer Battery technology where they charge MUCH faster and last much longer is needed and is long overdue.

Companies like IBM are working on that behind the scenes, and anybody who can crack the code to a newer
and better battery technology for these Robots and Cars and such will be a VERY rich person or Company.

The new ''lithium air'' battery technology looks promising, where the surrounding oxygen/atmosphere is actually used as an
electrode sounds interesting, but there are some kinks that need to be worked out with it.

Either way we are long overdue for new Battery tech for small, mid-sized, and maybe larger devices like this
Terminator Robot.

''I'll buy THAT for a Dollar!"