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33 Year Old, Low T Question


Hello all. I have a question. I suspected that my testosterone levels were low. I got tested by myself through a testing company and my results are below.

Testosterone, serum 138 ng/dl ref level 348ng/dl-1197ng/dl
Testosterone, free 4.25 ng/dl ref level 5.00-21.00
% Free Test 3.08 % ref level 1.50%-4.20%

I took these results to the doctor to get a formal diagnosis. I'm in the early stages of getting into TRT or whatever the doctor decides he's going to do for me. I'm feeling bad. Really bad and it's been going on a while. I also suspect my E2 is very high, but the lab didn't test for it even though I had an order for it. I'll have to go back and get it done. When I went to the doctor, he said that he might send me to an endo. I had lots of blood taken during the same visit. The very next day the doctor's office calls to setup an appointment in a week with a nurse practioner. My question is how long does it take to get a diagnosis and a treatment going? I'm really dreading even waiting another week. I really feel that bad. Is it normal to have me wait a week to talk to the nurse practioner about my results? I know it takes time, but this is very frustrating. I'm also curious about what the nurse practioner is going to do for me. Hopefully it's not to setup an appointment with another doc lol. The doctor seems to be fairly knowledgeable and not against TRT so that's a plus. What is your opinions on my situation and what the next step could be?

Thanks, TW


Post all of your labs here. I know this is a T replacement forum but we deal with all things causing and associated with low T.

Your T is very low. Get blood testing in accordance with the blood testing sticky at the top of the page.

I know you are feeling bad, but patience is key here. Throwing testosterone at low testosterone may only end up being a band-aid on a severed carotid artery.

Do you have any LH, FSH, prolactin labs?